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What if I Experience Test Anxiety and/or Poor Class Performance?

Disability Support Services

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Disability Support Services

What if I Experience Test Anxiety and/or Poor Class Performance?

All students experience some level of anxiety before a test, important presentation or other class requirement. This is normal. Sometimes students even do poorly in classes; this too is normal. However, if you believe you are putting everything you can into doing well, and you still are not doing as well as you think you could or should, then questions you might want to ask yourself include:

Do I know why I am experiencing such anxiety, or performing so poorly?

Again, some anxiety is totally normal. On the other hand, maybe there is something more to your anxiety or poor class performance that will require additional support. An appointment with Counseling Services, 216 Hawkes Hall, 394-8394 can help you sort through your concerns, and possibly come up with some relaxation or other helpful strategies. Referrals to other specialists will be made, if needed.

Do I have a documented disability (with a document from a medical specialist), such as a learning disability?

Bring the documentation to the Center for Academic Advising and Disability Support Services, 134 Main, 394-8515. Make an appointment to meet and discuss reasonable accommodations with a staff member, and open a file for future reasonable accommodations, as needed.

Do I take notes that are reflected in the exams? Do I have a problem with organizing my time so that I study as much as needed? Do I need a tutor?

You may want to register for a study skills class, offered through the Student Support Services office in 118 and 135 Main. Phone 394-8185. Stop in and learn more about what this office offers you in terms of self-help, as well as peer support.

All of these services are free to currently enrolled UW-Superior students.

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