Respectful Campus Statement

The University of Wisconsin-Superior is committed to promoting a respectful working, learning, and social environment where all members of the university community work together in a mutually respectful and healthy environment.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior is committed to providing a respectful campus, free of bullying, harassment, discrimination, violence, incivility, etc.

A respectful campus exhibits and promotes growth, knowledge, balance, respect, integrity, professionalism and community. These values that delineate a respectful campus apply to all members of the University of Wisconsin-Superior community. Practicing these values create harmony in the living, working, and educational environment. Promoting personal accountability for one’s actions in maintaining a respectful, diverse, and collaborative culture allows us to resolve conflicts through civil conversations and grow as individuals as well as a community. 

The University of Wisconsin-Superior strives to foster an environment that reflects courtesy, civility, and respectful communication. Such an environment promotes community, balance, learning, research, and productivity through relationship building. A respectful campus environment is absolutely necessary for the success of the University’s mission to foster intellectual growth and career preparation within a liberal arts tradition. This tradition emphasizes individual attention, embodies respect for diverse cultures and multiple voices that engages the community and region. 

Through this statement, the University of Wisconsin-Superior continues to reaffirm its commitment to the principle of a respectful campus for all while developing and sustaining programs that address equal opportunity, discrimination, etc. This respectful campus statement is made, not because we are required to, but because we are devoted to supporting a respectful campus.

Dr. Renee Wachter, Ph.D.
May 15, 2017