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The Advisor Self-Service pages provide tools and information Advisors may find useful to assist them when advising students assigned to them by the Academic Advisement Department. Advisors will only have access to information for the advisees that have been assigned to them. Department chairs have access to information for any student.

The information and tools available to advisors are accessed through 2 primary interfaces:

The Advisee Rosters including the following functions:

The Student Details page provides advisors with the ability to view an advisee's student center and gives them access to the following advisee information: 

To access these options you must first log into your E-Hive account and click the "View My Advisees" link in the Self Service page:

Self Service pagelet

 The Advisee Roster

There are two rosters available for advisors to view; the text roster is the default roster and a radio button at the top of the roster allows you to switch to a photo roster .

Roster Type Selection screen shot

The following is a list of the functions available from the rosters.  Some of the functions are available through both rosters and some are available through individual rosters:

Download the Advisee list to a spreadsheet

You can export your advisee roster to an excel spreadsheet on most browsers.  The following steps will usually work, but pop-up blocking software on a browser may prevent you from completing these steps.  If that is the case, contact the technology helpdesk to have pop-up blocking settings adjusted.

  1. You must be on the text version of the class roster (no pictures) 
  2. HOLD down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the grid download icon at the top of the roster (YOU MUST CONTINUE TO HOLD THE CTRL KEY THROUGH STEP 3)

Download Class Roster Screen Shot

  1. You will be prompted to either OPEN or SAVE the file on your computer 
  2. We generally recommend that you save the file so choose a file name and choose a location to save the file

Save Roster screen example


  1. You can then open the file with Microsoft Excel


Remove the "See Advisor" hold for an advisee:

All undergraduate and some graduate students are required to meet with their advisor before they are allowed to enroll in a term.  To ensure this, an administrative "See Advisor" hold is automatically assigned to students just prior to the registration period.

Advisors have the option of removing the hold for the student or they can give the student a PIN number and instruct the student to log into their own account and remove the hold.  The following instructions define how the advisor removes the hold.  You can find additional instructions for finding the PIN number below.

You can remove the "see advisor" hold one of 3 ways:

1. From the TEXT ROSTER:

  • Remove the hold by clicking the "Remove PIN" check box next in the last column of the roster.  If the hold has already been removed the checkbox will appear gray

Remove Pin hold remove method 1

2. From the PHOTO ROSTER:

  • Remove the hold by clicking the "Remove PIN" check box next to the PIN number

Remove Pin hold remove method 2

3. From the STUDENT DETAILS (Student Center) page:

  • Click the Student Details link for either roster and then in the hold section click the "Remove PIN" button 

Note: The button will not appear unless there is a "see advisor" hold on the student's record and there may be multiple "control enrollment" holds (e.g. parking)  displayed in the hold section


Remove Pin hold remove method 3

View the Advisee PIN number

Some advisors prefer to provide their advisees with an Advisee PIN number which allows the student to remove the "see advisor" hold through the student center.  The PIN number is only available on the Photo Roster. To view the PIN number:  

  • Access the Photo Roster by selecting the "Include photos in list" radio button.  The PIN number appears at the bottom of each student's row next  to the remove PIN hold check box

Pin Number Screen Shot


Send email to some or all advisees on the roster

Advisors can create and send email messages from the student administration system to some or all of the advisees on their roster using the Send Notification feature of the roster.  

Important Notes :

Email messages generated using this method come from the E-Hive system;  not the advisor's personal email client so advisors will not find a record of these emails in their Outlook sent items folder but can receive a copy of the notification in their personal or campus email as defined in step 2 below.

You may choose to click on the link associated with the student's name which will try to launch your personal email client software where a record will be maintained.

To send emails using the notify feature:

  1. From either the text or photo roster, locate and check the "Notify" check box next to each student you want to send a message to or click the NOTIFY ALL ADVISEES button at the bottom of the roster
  2. The Send Notification page will automatically populate in Blind Carbon Copy field with the addresses of all of the students who have been flagged to be notified and the advisor's email address will automatically populate in the To: field.  
  3. You may modify any of the email address fields as you choose being sure to separate addresses with a comma
  4. The default text "from the desk of [advisor's  name]" is automatically inserted into the subject field.  
  5. Type your message in the Message body field.  This is a text only field and at this time the product does not support attachments
  6.  When you have completed your message, click the "Send Notification" button

    Send Email Form screenshot

The Student Details Page

The Student Details page provides advisors with access to their advisee's Student Center page information through a view similar to what the student sees when they log into their E-Hive account.

Advisors access this page through the "View Student Details" page on either the text or photo roster

The information available includes:   

  • Class Schedule
  • Enrollment Shopping Cart
  • Academic Planner
  • Academic Requirements Report
  • Course History Report
  • Degree Progress report
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Transfer Credit Reports
  • Student Address/Telephone information 
  • Emergency Contact Information  
  • Holds, To Do Lists, Enrollment Dates and Advisor Information


View an Advisee's Class Schedule

When you access the student details page the current class schedule is displayed.  A link allows you to view the same schedule in a weekly schedule format.  To view the detailed view of the class schedule click the Class Schedule link. 

The detailed view of the students class schedule allows  you to view enrolled, dropped and waitlisted classes

Advisee Class Schedule Screen Shot


View an Advisee's Enrollment Shopping Cart

Students add classes to an enrollment shopping cart after which they complete the steps for enrolling in classes.  Advisors can view the contents of the shopping cart to ensure that advisee's complete the enrollment process by clicking the link to shopping cart.

advisee shopping cart Screen shot


View an Advisee's Academic Planner

An Advisee's planner  is a tool to help them organize and plan for the classes they will need to take to complete your degree. Classes added to the planner are initially stored in the "unassigned courses" section of the planner and can then be organized into the terms in which the advisee intends to take them. When the time comes to register for classes, advisees have the option to add classes from the planner. 

Click the Planner link to view an advisee's planner.

Advisee Planner Screen Shot


View an Advisee's Academic Requirements Report

The academic requirements page is an interactive degree report that advisee's can use to add classes to their planner or class schedule.  To access this report:

  1. Clicking the arrow next to the drop down box for "Other Academics" and select the Academic Requirements.  The report can take a few seconds to display.

Selection page for Academic Req

  1. Expand their various section of the report to review the status of completion of the requirements

Advisor Acadacemic Requirements Screen shot

View an Advisee's Course History Report

The Course History report is a grid showing the courses that the advisee has taken, transferred in, currently enrolled in or is planning to take. The grid is sortable and has filtering options to exclude some of the courses listed and as with all pages can be printed using the browsers print page functionality.

To Access the report: 

  1. Select Course History from the for "Other Academics" drop down box

Select Course Hist Screen shot

  1. The report is displayed and can be sorted and filtered as needed

Advise Course History Screen Shot

View an Advisee's Degree Progress Report

The degree progress report defines the requirements for graduation based on the advisee's specified major.  The report identifies progress toward the degree and lists courses that are needed to complete the degree.

To access the Degree Progress Report:

  1. Select the Degree Progress Report from the "Other Academics" drop down list on the advisee's detail page

Screen shot selection page

  1. In the institution field select UW Superior and in the report type select Degree Progress
  2. Click the green GO button to view the report.  The report may take several seconds to display.

Advisee Degree Progress Screen Shot


Optional:  You can also produce a "Quick What If" report or a "Course List What If" version of the report where you supply a different major or view how courses which you have not yet taken would impact the report. 

View an Advisee's Grade Report

To view a student grade report:

  1. Select the Grades from the "Other Academics" drop down list on the advisee's detail page

Select Grade Report screenshot

  1. If the student has attended more than 1 term you will be prompted to select the term you want to view the grade report for
  2. Once the grade report is displayed you can choose a different term by clicking the green change term button.

advisee grades Screen shot

View an Advisee's Unofficial Transcript Report

To view a copy of the advisee's Unofficial transcript:

  1. Select "Transcripts: View Unofficial Transcript" from the other academics drop down list

Select Unofficial screen shot

  1. Select UW-Superior for the academic institution field and Unofficial Transcript for the report type then click the green GO button

Advisee Unofficial Transcript Screen shot

Optional:  To speed up the process you can view a previous report if one had been run recently but the data will be as of the date that it was run. 

View an Advisee's Transfer Credit Report

To view and advisee's transfer credit report:

  1. Select Transfer Credit Report from the "Other Academics" drop down list on the advisee's detail page

Select Transfer Credit report

  1. The transfer credit report will be displayed

Advisee Transfer Credit Screen Shot

View an Advisee's Address/Telephone Information

A students address and telephone information is found in the Personal information section of the Student Details (center) page.  To access the information:

  1. Click the Student Details link from either the TEXT or PHOTO roster
  2. The information is available in the personal information section

 advisee Personal Info Section screenshot


View an Advisee's Holds, To Do Lists, Advisor and Enrollment dates

Holds, To Do  Lists, Advisor Information and Enrollment date are displayed in a dashboard section of the Student details page.  You can click the links in this section to get to detailed information.  The see advisor hold can also be removed from the section by clicking the green Remove Hold button.  for more information on removing the advisement hold go to the "Remove the See Advisor hold" section.  

advisee dashboard screenshot



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