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Class Rosters

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Class Rosters

Class Rosters

The instructor(s) assigned to a class will have access to a class roster.   If a class is not listed in your list of available classes and you are in the correct term, it means that you have not been added as an instructor of record. Contact your department's Administrative Assistant to add you as the instructor for the class.

Class rosters are available for any future, current or previous classes that you are listed as the instructor of record for.  The class roster has multiple functions one of which is to allow you to access the ASSIST program.

On this page you will find step-by-step instructions on:



 Viewing your list of classes and selecting your class rosters

  1. Log into the E-Hive from the My E-Hive Link at the bottom of the UW-Superior Home Page
  2. Click the FACULTY CENTER link in the Self-Service page


  1. The current list of classes you are teaching will be displayed.  You can view previous or future term rosters by clicking the green Change Term button and selecting another term.  You can also filter the list  of classes to include only those with enrollment.

Class Roster Screen shot

  1. Click the class roster link Class Roster Icon image next to class (not the icon in the legend at the top) to view the class roster.  From the class roster you can:
    1. change the enrollment status to view a roster of students that dropped the class or who are on a waitlist for the class
    2. view enrollment capacities and the number of students enrolled  for the class
    3. switch to view a roster that includes the student's ID photo if they exist
    4. click the link to view the student's photo (if one exists)
    5. click a link to start an e-mail to a student on the roster
    6. view a "Printer Friendly" version of the roster
    7. access the ASSIST system (coming soon)

 Class Roster Screen Shot


Identifying Students for the Student ASSIST Program

The ASSIST (Academic Support Services Intervention to support Teaching) program allows instructors to nofify Student Support Services of students on their class roster who may be in need of some assistance.  Instructors access the form through the Class Roster pages by clicking on the ASSIST icon ASSISTicon .  This functionality is not available on all rosters.  It is only available on specific general education courses.  To access the ASSIST form:

  1. Open the class roster and click the ASSIST icon next to the student that you want to submit a form on (see it)
  2. Complete the form by checking the appropriate boxes and adding  comments.  Click the submit button when you are finished.  (see it)
  3. A message will be displayed if the form is submitted successfully.  A link is provided to take you back to the Class Roster. 

 Download your roster to an Excel file

  1. Follow the steps from above for selecting your class roster
  2. Hold your CTRL key down and click the "Download" icon on the blue bar.  Holding the CTRL key allows you to bypass pop-up blockers in your browser


  1. You will be prompted to "Open" or "Save" the file.  Follow standard procedures for saving a file on your computer. 




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