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Add a Class

Add a Class


Add a Class

Most classes can be added through the Student Center. Some classes such as classes listed as "Instructor Consent Required" can only be added to your schedule if the department responsible for that class offers a "permission number". If a permission number is not offered, you must register for the class in person at the Registrar's Office.

You can only add classes to your schedule after your enrollment appointment, and after you have entered your Registration PIN. There are several ways you can add classes through your Student Center:

  • Use the add tab from my class schedule.
  • Use the wish list tab from my class schedule.
  • Use the swap tab from my class schedule.

Using the Add Tab in My Class Schedule.

  • To get to the add tab in my class schedule select Add a Class from the Academics menu in the Student Center. (You may get to this tab from any of the my class schedule screens.)
  • From the add tab there are three ways to add a class: Search for Class, Select Class from Wish List, and Enter Class Nbr.
  • Before using any of these functions be sure to check that the correct semester is shown. If you want to add classes for a semester other than the one shown, click on the change term button. Select the appropriate term and click on the continue button.

Using Search for Class

  • There are two options in the Search for Classdrop-down menu: Search for Class and Browse Catalog. Only the Browse Catalog function will be shown here.
  • Select Browse Catalog using the Search for Class drop-down menu then click on the search button. This will take you to the Browse Catalog screen.
  • Using the alphabetical indexat the top, select the letter representing the Department you would like to see. (e.g. A for Accounting). Using the Close button should return you to the add tab of my class schedule. (see image)
  • You can view more information by clicking on the link with the course title under the Description column. This will take you to the Course Detailpage which gives you information about the class that may include: number of credits, course description, prerequisites for the course, etcetera. Using the Return button at this point should return you to the Browse Catalog screen. However, if you would like more information or to add this class you should select View Class Sections at the bottom of the screen. (see image)
  • This will take to the Class Search Result page. You can get here directly from the Browse Catalog screen if you click on the View Class Sections link. This screen will show you meeting times, location, instructor and status (open, closed or wait-listed). Choose the section you want by using the select class button. (see image)
  • This should take you the Enrollment Preferences screen. Here you can double check to make sure this is the class you want. However, if the class is full and/or there is a waiting list available for the class, use the check-box Wait-list if class is fullto be added to the waiting list. If consent of the instructor is required you made need to obtain a permission number which can be entered into the Permission Nbr field at this point. Then click on the Next button to add the class to your Enrollment Shopping Cart. (see image)

Using Select Class from Wish List

  • In order to use this function you must have already selected classes using the Wish List.
  • From the add tab in my class schedule, use the Select Class from Wish List drop-down menu to select the class you wish to add.
  • Click on the select button.
  • This will transfer the class from your wishlist to your Enrollment Shopping Cart.

Using Enter Nbr

  • If you know the 4 digit class number for the class you wish to enroll in you enter it directly into the Enter Nbr field, then click the enter button.
  • This will take you to the Enrollment Preferences page.
  • Confirm that this is the class you wanted. If this class is restricted and you have obtained a Permission Number from the instructor, enter it in the Permission Nbr field.
  • If the class status indicates that the class is full, but there is a waiting list, click on the Wait-list if class is full check-box. (This will add the class to my class schedule which will show your position on the waiting list. You will be contacted by the department or instructor if a seat in the class opens up.)
  • If this is not the class you wanted click on the Previousbutton to go back a screen.
  • If everything here is correct click on the Next button. This will add the class to the Enrollment Shopping Cart.

Using the Enrollment Shopping Cart

  • As you add classes they will be added to your Enrollment Shopping Cart. You can add all your classes to the Shopping Cart and enroll all at once or you can add classes one at a time.
  • The Enrollment Shopping Cart is part of the add tab of the my class schedulemenu. You may add classes using or Select Class from the Wish List, or the Search for Classand Enter Nbrfunctions from the addtab.
  • You may delete classes from your Enrollment Shopping Cart by clicking on the Trash Can icon next to the corresponding class.
  • When you are satisfied with the classes in your enrollment shopping cart, click on the Proceed to Step 2 of 3button. (see image)
  • This will take you to the Confirm Classes page. Make sure that this classes listed here are the ones you want.
  • If you need to make corrections to your shopping cart, click on the Previous button to return to the enrollment shopping cart and make the necessary corrections.
  • If these classes look correct, click on Finish Enrolling button. (see image)
  • This will take you to the View Result page which will show you whether you were enrolled successfully in your classes or any error messages resulting from a failure to enroll. (see image)

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