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My Class Schedule


My Class Schedule

To view your Class Schedule:

  • Go to your Student Center from your E-Hive.
  • Select My Class Schedule from the Academics menu.
  • When you enter My Class Schedule, the Select Display Option will be set to List View (see image), which will present your schedule class by class, with information such as Time, Location, Instructor, etc.
  • You may change the Class Schedule Filter Options by using the check-boxes and then clicking filter.
  • The other option is to show your schedule in Weekly Calendar View. You can do this by simply clicking the Weekly Calendar View option. This will present your schedule as a grid with your classes for the first week of the semester.
  • You may need to adjust the time frame to get the most accurate schedule. (for example if you have a class that only runs during the last 5 weeks of the semester it will not show up on your schedule during the first 10 weeks unless you adjust the time frame to one of the last 5 weeks. Similarly, if you print out your schedule in the first week of the fall semester, you will not see any classes listed for Monday, because the fall semester usually starts on a Tuesday. This does not mean you do not have Monday classes, just that you have no Monday classes that particular week.) (see image)
  • You can also adjust the Display Options by using the check-boxes and then clicking Refresh Calendar.
  • You may also access the Weekly Calendar View from the Academics menu in the Student Center by selecting the weekly schedule link below your class list. (see image)
  • To Print out your schedule in either format, simply use the Print functionality of your browser.

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