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Swap Classes


Swap Classes

You can use the swap tool of the E-Hive student self service when you don't want to drop a class until a new class is succesfully added. 

  1. After logging, Navigate to the View Grades page :
    1. From Left Navigation click: Enrollment>Enrollment: Swap Classes.
    2. From Student Center: Click on the drop down menu in the Academics section and select Enrollment: Swap, then click on the arrow to continue.


  1. Choose the term in which you would like to swap classes in case you are eligible for more than one semester, then press continue


  1. You have a display of the swap classes page. Select a class to swap by using the drop down menu which shows you a list of courses in which you are currently enrolled.
  2. Select the class you would like to remove on your schedule.
  3. Now select the class you wish to insert in your schedule using either of these 5 approaches and press select:
  1. Review the classes you have selected to swap and press Finish Swapping when you are ready.

confirm swap 

  1. You can now view the results of your swapping request. (see image)

    If your classes were successfully swapped you  have a green checkmark and a success message.

    If your classes were not successfully swapped, you will have a display of a red cross and an error message. Review any error message and try to understand why your classes have not been swapped.

swap result

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