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Wait List

Wait List


Wait List

Some classes allow you to automatically add yourself to an on-line waiting-list when the class reaches enrollment capacity. A note is listed in the printed and on-line class schedules that indicates if this is an option. Specific wait-list topics covered in this section are:

  • Adding yourself to a Wait-list
  • How waiting-lists are processed
  • Checking your position on a wait-lists
  • Removing yourself from the Wait-list


Adding Yourself to a Wait-list

NOTE: Students using the Registrar's Office window to enroll in classes must request that the staff add them to the Waiting-list.

Students enrolling themselves via the Student Center will:

  • Click the Wait-list if class is full check-box on the Enrollment Preferences page when adding a class to the Enrollment Shopping Cart or adding a class to the wish list.
  • Students will not be added to the waiting list until they have added the class.
  • The class will appear in my class schedule (List View) with Status indicating that the student is on the waiting list and the student's position on the waiting list.


How Waiting lists are processed

  • For the moment, Waiting Lists are only processed manually.
  • If you a seat opens up for you, you will be contacted by the instructor or department.
  • If you are not contacted before the beginning of the semester, you may want to attend the first class of the semester, some instructors will process the waiting list then and there.
    Others will sign over-ride slips at the end of class.


Checking your position on a Waiting-list

Students can check their position on a Waiting-list by going to my class schedule. This can be found in the Academics menu of the Student Center. Select List View from Select Display Options. The wait-listed class will be listed with your added classes. It will indicate waiting list status and your position number.


Removing Yourself from the Waiting-list

To remove yourself from a waiting list, simply drop the class from your schedule.

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