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Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award

Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award


Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award

You can electronically accept or decline financial aid that meets your needs. If you would like your Federal Student Loans or Federal Work Study you MUST ACCEPT IT.  In addition, if you want to make changes other than declining the entire amount of an individual aid type, you can click on the "Request Counselor Action" link to notify Financial Aid what changes you do want.  The Financial Aid Office will make the changes for you and you will be able to see them on your E-hive when they have been completed. If we have questions or are unable to meet your request, the Financial Aid Office will email you at your UW-Superior student email address.

To accept or decline aid:

  1. After logging, Navigate to the View Financial Aid page :
    1. From Left Navigation click: Campus Finances> Accept/Decline Awards.
    2. From Student Center: Click on the Accept/Decline Awards link located on the Finances menu under Financial Aid sub-menu.
  2. Select the appropriate aid year (e.g. 2009)
  3. Click the decline box for each aid type you are declining
  4. Click the accept box for each loan type you are accepting
  5. Click "Submit"

If you have  special requests/information you want to communicate to the financial aid office (i.e., changing enrollment status, declining part of a loan, telling financial aid about scholarships or other aid you will receive, or not attending one or both semesters, etc.):

  1. Click on "Request Counselor Action" and type in your request. Be specific.
  2. Click "Save"
  3. Click "OK"

If you would prefer personal contact, communicate your changes in writing, in person, or via regular mail.  Include your name and student ID number in all communications.

The Financial Aid Office is locate in Old Main, Room 110, telephone (715) 394-8200 or email finaid@uwsuper.edu.

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