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Swap Classes


Swap Classes

The Swap function automatically holds your seat in the class you are swapping from until you have successfully been added to the class you want to swap to.

  • You can use the Swap function by going to the swap tab in the my class schedule menu. This can be found by going to the Academics menu of the Student Center. In the other academics... drop-down menu select Swap Classes then click on the blue go button to the right.
  • This will take you to the swap tab. (see image)
  • Select the class you wish to drop from the Select from your schedule drop-down menu.
  • Select the class you wish to add using 1 of the 3 functions in the With This Class box. (Search for Class, Select Class from Wishlist, and Enter Class Nbr. You can learn how to use these functions in the Add a Class section of this help guide.)
  • The next screen is Enrollment Preferences which will display information about the class and may offer options to join the waiting list (if the class is full) or add a permission number (if consent of the instructor is required). If you want to join a waiting list or enter a permission number do that here and click on the Next button. If you chose to use the Select Class from Wishlist function, you will bypass this screen because it was covered when you added the class to the wishlist. (see image)
  • The next screen is Confirm Your Selection. Verify that this information is correct then click on the Finish Swapping button. If the information is not correct, click on the Cancel button. (see image)
  • The next screen is View Results. This screen will show if you successfully swapped classes or an error message if you did not. (see image)

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