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Advisor Information


Advisor Information

To see your Current Advisor Information:

  • Go to your Student Center from your E-hive.
  • On the right hand side of the screen there is a column of blue boxes. (see image)
  • One of the boxes is titled Advisor. This box will contain the name and phone number of your current advisor.
  • If the Advisor bar is collapsed click on the Expand Green Triangle icon in the upper left corner to expand it to full size.
  • Click on the link labeled details for more information about your advisor.
  • The following screen will allow you to email one or more advisor. (Most students will only have one advisor.) Click the Unchecked Box icon to check next to the Advisor(s) you wish to email and click on the Notify Selected Advisors button. This will open an email composition box that can send email from your campus email address.
  • To view more inormation about your advisor, Click on the undefined icon.
  • This will open up a screen containing: class schedule, office hours, department, room number, email address and a photograph of your advisor. (see image)

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