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A Service Indicators (a.k.a. holds) is a record that can be applied against a students that could prevent them from registering for classes, receiving aid, receiving refunds or diploma's. Students with holds will be able to view them through their student center hold section. To view the reason for the hold you need to click the "details" links in the section and then click the link in the "Hold Item" column to find out what must be done to remove the hold on the page.

You can also view the holds:

  1. From Left Navigation click: Campus Personal Information> Holds.
  2. The Holds page displays. To view, click the link in the Hold Item column.
  3. Holds can be placed on your record by various offices, such as Registrar, Bursar, Health Services, and Financial Aid, for a variety of reasons.

  4. After viewing the hold you can click the Return button to return to the Student Center

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