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Personal Identification Number


Personal Identification Number

A Registration PIN (Personal Identification Number) allows you to remove the "See Advisor" hold placed on undergraduate students prior to each registration. When you meet with your advisor to discuss your next class schedule, your advisor may choose to give you the Registration PIN or they remove this hold themselves.  To enter a registration pin:

  1. After logging, Navigate to the Personal Identification Number page :
    1. From Left Navigation click: Campus Personal Information> Personal Identification Number.
    2. From Student Center: Click on the drop down menu in the Personal Information  menu and select Personal Identification Number, then click on the arrow to continue.
  2. Enter the Registration PIN provided to you by your advisor.
  3. When doing so remove the existing **** and type the new PIN. It will also appear as **** for security reasons. Click the SAVE button after you enter the number.
  4. To verify that the Registration PIN was entered correctly, click the OK button and return to your Student Center.
  5. Look to see that the hold has been removed from your records. If the hold was not removed, follow the procedures for entering the PIN number again.


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