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Enrollment Shopping Cart

Enrollment Shopping Cart


Enrollment Shopping Cart

The enrollment shopping cart is a cart where you can put all the classes you selected before any enrollment for a specific term. You can view your enrollment shopping cart by following these steps:

  1. After logging on the E-Hive navigate to your enrollment shopping cart:
    1. From Left Navigation: Academic Planning> Enrollment Shopping Cart
    2. From Student Center: Click on the Enrollment Shopping Cart link located below the Weekly Schedule link on the Academics section.


  1. If you are eligible to register for classes in more than one term you will be prompted to select the term you want to see in your enrollment shopping cart.

select term 

  1. You now have a display of all the classes that belong to your enrollment shopping cart. If the VALIDATE button is available you may check to see if the classes are in conflict prior to your registration time.  When your registration time period is active you can use the ENROLL button to submit the enrollment request to step 2 of the enrollment process. 

shopping cart display

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