Material Safety Data Sheet Access

On Campus

The University of Wisconsin-Superior maintains a master file of Material Safety Data Sheets, or MSDS's, for most chemicals and products on campus. The master file is located in the Public Safety Building and maintained by the Environmental Health and Safety Program.

If you receive a MSDS, make a copy for your files and send the original to the EH & S Office. The original MSDS must be archived by UW-Superior for a minimum of 30 years.

Copies of material safety data sheets will be readily available to individuals where the product is used. The MSDS's can be kept in a specially marked book or file, or on a shared drive at the point of use. This collection should be available to the student or employee at all times.

If a MSDS is not available where the product is in use, you may request a copy from the Environmental Health and Safety Office at UW-Superior.

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