Material Safety Data Sheets

The amount of hazard information needed about most products is far more than what can be written on a product's label. Product distributors are required by OSHA to provide material safety data sheets to provide detailed health, safety and emergency response information for products with a chemical or physical hazard. The MSDS should be on hand where the product is used or stored and reviewed by the user, or anyone in the immediate vicinity of use, before using any chemical or product with a chemical or physical hazard.

Consumer-type products are exempted from needing an MSDS when they are used in the same manner, frequency and duration as a normal non-business consumer. Pencils and pens would not require MSDS's under normal conditions of use. Markers would not require a MSDS if used occasionally in an office, but could be required in a classroom where a lot of markers would be in use at one time. Spray adhesives, fixatives, paints, cleaning products, laboratory chemicals, etc will always require material safety data sheets because they do provide a potential hazard to the users under any circumstances.