Storm Water Management

The University of Wisconsin - Superior is at the beginning stages of developing a storm water management program. As responsible citizens of the City of Superior and the State of Wisconsin, it is our obligation to take care of our natural resources.

Storm water, such as rain and snow melt, is handled by special storm water sewers. In most areas, the storm sewer system discharges directly to a body of water without treatment. If the water carries contaminants such as sediment, automobile fluids or pesticides, the contaminants are discharged to the St. Louis Bay and ultimately to Lake Superior. The storm sewer outlets are typically found in the lawns of UWS, curbs of the streets and in our parking lots. The storm water sewer system is easy to recognize because, unlike the sanitary sewers, the storm sewers will have grates as covers to assist in the drainage. As part of our management program we will be looking for ways to prevent the pollution of the storm water from our grounds, sidewalks, parking lots, and outside activities.

Watch this site for ways in which you can help protect our most valuable natural resource.

Contact Facilities Management, ext. 8120 for more information about our storm water management program