Special Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures

Through special written agreements made with the UWS Hazardous Materials Management Coordinator (HMMC), the Superior Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the following materials may be disposed of via sewering provided records of the disposal are maintained:

  1. 0.1% aqueous formaldehyde solutions from the transfer of preserved specimens into a holding solution (volumes and dates of the discharge must be reported to the HMMC).
  2. 0.1% aqueous acetone solutions from analytical procedures (volumes and dates must be reported to the HMMC).
  3. Acid and base solutions, with no other hazardous waste characteristics, may be sewered after neutralization to between pH 6 - 9. (volumes and dates must be reported to the HMMC).
  4. Empty containers should be triple-rinsed before disposal in the trash.

Contact Carol Lindberg, Hazardous Materials Coordinator, for more information