Laboratory Safety Connections

Like most employers, UW-Superior requires safe work practices to be followed by students, employees and guests working or studying at UW-Superior. Laboratory safety is no exception. UW-Superior has prepared a written Chemical Hygiene Plan, which is the written health and safety plan for research and academic science laboratories. 

You access the web version of the Chemical Hygiene Plan at the link below, or you can find copies of the Chemical Hygiene Plan in each research lab. Academic labs have copies of the chemical hygiene plan available in the main chemical storage or preparation areas.

UW-Superior Chemical Hygiene Plan web version

UW-Superior Resources, Supplements to the Chemical Hygiene Plan

Exposure Limits for Hazardous Air Contaminants

Lists of Carcinogens

Chemical and Physical Hazards

Reproductive Hazards


Lab Safety

Laboratory Pollution Prevention

Personal Protective Equipment for Laboratories