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UW Superior Safety Eyewear Program

OSHA Eye and Face Protection Standard

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UW Superior Policy on Safety Eyewear 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 1,000 eye injuries occur at work daily, primarily the result of flying particles and chemical contact with the eye. Most of the injuries occur because the no safety eyewear is in use at the time of the incident, or the wrong type of protective eyewear was in use.

In recognition that most eye injuries are preventable and in the interest of providing students, visitors and employees a safe and healthy workplace, UW-Superior has instituted this Protective Eyewear Policy. All departments and program areas at UW Superior will employ proper eye protection when and where it is warranted by the activities.
Through the implementation of this policy and the Safety Eyewear Program, UW Superior will:

  • Comply with the requirements for protective eyewear for students of educational institutions as specified in Wis. Statute 255.30.
  • Comply with the requirements for protective eyewear for employees as established by the Wis. Administrative code SPS 332/1910.133 Eye and Face Protection standard.
  • Require instructional staff and supervisors to evaluate the need for protection, and enforce the use of approved safety eyewear during activities under their control.
  • Provide suitable protective eyewear to employees without cost as outlined in the Safety Eyewear Program. Safety eyewear will be made available to students at a reasonable cost.

Approved by: Chancellor Julius Erlenbach, September 5, 1997