Radon Survey at UW Superior


In the spring of 2014, Environmental Health and Safety announced the details of a radon study for selected buildings at UW Superior.  As promised, a summary report of the results is now available for review by the campus community:  

2014 UW Superior Radon Study Results.  

UW Superior received a grant in 2014 from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to monitor for radon in occupied basement levels of UW Superior buildings, including the residence halls, Holden Fine Arts, Barstow Hall, Erlanson Hall, Jim Dan Hill Library and the Yellowjacket Union.

Short term radon samples were collected in a total of 187 separate spaces in the basements (garden levels) of ten campus buildings from March 19 to May 17, 2014. The results of the tests were compared to normal indoor air radon levels and the EPA's 4 pCi/L (picocurie per liter of air) radon action level.  Of the 187 individual spaces tested, only 4 rooms exceeded the EPA's action level, and a few spaces were slightly elevated; none of the areas are regularly occupied and the spaces are safe to enter as needed. UW Superior will evaluate these locations using a long-term (3-12 month) radon test method to confirm the radon level and determine if further actions are required.

Short term tests provide quick results to enable the campus to make decisions about where to conduct long-term testing (3-12 months) that will better define the radon levels throughout several seasons.  If long-term tests indicate radon levels are above the EPA action level, UW Superior will take appropriate actions to reduce the concentrations.

More details about the testing process and radon is available in the FAQ link below.

If you have any questions about the radon testing at UW Superior, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety office, 715-394-8073 or Facilities Management, at 715-394-8120 .


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