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Radon Survey at UW Superior

Posted on Mar 12, 2014
The Environmental Health and Safety Department has received a grant from the Wisconsin Division of Public Health to monitor for radon in campus buildings.

The buildings included in this study include the residence halls, Holden Fine Arts, Barstow Hall, Erlanson Hall, Jim Dan Hill Library and the Yellowjacket Union.

The radon test will be a short-duration screening method. Radon collection vials will be placed in basement rooms for 48 hours and then submitted to a laboratory for analyses. A summary report will be made available to the campus community and local public health agencies after all results have been received and compiled.

EH & S will email building occupants a few days before testing is scheduled for the building.You can help assure that a representative sample is collected by not tampering with or moving the test kit, and by keeping exterior windows and doors closed except for normal entering and exiting.

More details are available at: http://www.uwsuper.edu/ehs/hsprogram/radon-survey.cfm

If you have any questions about the radon testing, please contact Carol Lindberg, Environmental Health and Safety office, 715-394-8073, or clindber@uwsuper.edu .

News Contact: Carol Lindberg | 715-394-8073 | clindber{atuws}
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