Mass Communication Procedures and Crisis Communication Plan (Annex B)

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Internal and External Mass Communication Methods

This section briefly describes the various methods that UW Superior may utilize to notify the campus community about a potential emergency situation or provide updated information about the status of an incident, including:

  • Email
  • Campus phone system
  • Web pages
  • Weather Hotline
  • Voice mail messaging
  • Building Fire Alarm Public Address System
  • FIRSTCALL Alert System
  • Media broadcasts
  • All Hazard Weather Alert Radios
  • Emergency Call Trees:
    • Call Tree Instructions
    • Call Tree Template A  link to: Phone tree Template A.doc
    • Call Tree Template B  link to: Phone tree Template B.doc


Crisis Communication Plan

Effective communication during a crisis may assist in ensuring the safety of students, employees and neighbors. It also can convey accurate information beyond the community to the concerned parents and family members of students – people who also are part of our campus community.

The Crisis Communication Plan discusses how the University will communicate important information to the campus community, the public and to the media.