Continuity of Operations Planning (Annex G)


Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning, called Business Continuity Planning in the private sector, is a planning effort that will ensure that essential campus functions continue after a significant event impacts campus functions, business or infrastructure.


A COOP Plan is not an emergency response plan; the purpose of a COOP Plan is to facilitate the recovery and resumption of critical or essential functions through the development of plans, comprehensive procedures, and provisions for alternate sites, personnel, resources, interoperable communications and vital records/databases.

The UW Superior Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is an "all hazards plan" that outlines how the campus will respond during an emergency to ensure the safety of the campus community, preserve our infrastructure, and communicate effectively during the response.

However, the ERP does not make provisions for the resumption of the critical functions of the campus.

The UW Superior COOP Plan will also utilize an "all-hazard" approach covering a broad range of possible emergencies or interruptions, such as those resulting from a man-made or natural disaster, pandemics, utility or infrastructure failure, terrorism, or loss of workforce.

Examples that have taken place on our campus include the loss of use of two department offices for several months following significant building flooding, or department relocations due to building renovations.

COOP planning is presently in the beginning phase at UW Superior.

Campus departments will develop individual COOP plans on a smaller scale to assist them in restoring their functions should a business interruption occur.

Watch this page for updates on the Campus Continuity of Operations planning efforts.

Department Continuity of Operations Planning

The preparation of department-level COOP plans began in the Fall of 2008 with the key departments that protect our infrastructure, business functions and life safety.

The Department COOP Plan template and instructions are available below.  Please contact Carol Lindberg for questions or assistance.

Department COOP Plan Template Instructions, v B

Department COOP Plan Template, v B

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