Emergency Response Homepage


An emergency can occur at any time without warning. As members of this campus community, it is an individual as well as organizational responsibility to be prepared to manage and respond to emergency situations as they unfold.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior recently updated the Emergency Response Plan to reflect the changing risks to campus and global environments. Emergency response planning at UW Superior uses an “all-hazards” approach to respond to any emergency situation that may occur on a campus, and encompasses four phases: preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.

The overall UW Superior Emergency Response Plan consists of a family of documents that enhance our ability to provide better protection for our students, employees, guests, and facilities. Supplementing the Plan (policy) are Annexes, which are focused individual plans that are closely associated to the overall Plan.

The key sections of our Emergency Response Plan are:

For more information about emergency planning at UW Superior contact:

Environmental Health and Safety, ext. 8073
Campus Safety, ext. 8114