What can you do to prepare?

Prepare at Work:

  • Take time to review the Campus Emergency Procedures available on line
  • Make sure you understand the methods the campus will use to communicate emergency information to you. The campus will use multiple means to contact people - pay special attention to "everyone" emails, voice mail messages, SafeAlert text and voice messages, and announcements in corridors.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    • Call 911 immediately if any situation feels or appears "threatening".
    • Report suspicious conditions, objects, individuals to Campus Safety, ext. 8114.
  • Know how to safely evacuate the building you are in. Always know two exits routes from the space you are in and the location of the Assembly Point for your building.
  • Know how to shelter-in-place both at home and at work. 
  • Know the location of the nearest fire extinguisher, pull stations, first aid kits, and Safe Zones.

Prepare At Home

Emergency planning isn't  just a good idea for the workplace; it's equally important to prepare at home too. Here are some simple things you can do now:

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CenturyTel phone book contains community-wide emergency information, such as:

  • Emergency numbers
  • FirstCall System
  • Shelter-in-place procedures
  • Preparing to Evacuate

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