Emergency Response Procedures (Annex A)

Be familiar with the Emergency Response Procedures before an emergency occurs. The Procedures are readily available as a set by clicking on the icon to the right, or as individual procedures listed below.

New: The emergency procedures are now available in abbreviated form as a flip chart titled "Emergency Procedures Quick Reference Guide".  Request a flip chart by contacting the Parking Office, Campus Safety Office or Environmental Health and Safety.  The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to protect yourself, students, and co-workers.

The Classroom Safety Guide is an an abbreviated summary of the most common Emergency Procedures.  The Guide contains only essential details and is not a substitute for reviewing the complete Emergency Procedures available on the web or in the Directory 

If you have questions about a unique situation not covered by our Plans, or if you need additional information or planning assistance, please call:

Campus Safety, (715) 394-8114

Environmental Health and Safety, (715) 394-8073

View the Emergency Procedures (Annex A)

The individual sections of the Emergency Procedures are:

  • Life, Safety & Natural Hazards - Examples include building evacuations, shelter-in place, fire alarms, severe weather, emergency situations, explosions, elevator malfunctions and flooding
  • Violence & Threats - Examples include acts of violence, active shooter, sexual assaults, bomb threats, terrorist threats, suspicious or threatening mail, internal spills, technology or telephone emergencies and utility failures.