Halbert Heating Plant

The heating plant is a very important part of our campus community. This dedicated crew of operators keeps us warm and in hot water for all but a couple of weeks [during shutdown for maintenance] of the year. This is a 24 hour a day operation, 365 days a year.

The plant generates steam heat using either natural gas or coal as fuel depending on availability, time of year, temperature and other concerns.

This structure as others needs ongoing maintenance to keep it in top operating condition. Projects to repair, update, test and monitor equipment are often necessary and are integral to the safe operation of the plant and compliance with state and federal standards and codes.

If anyone experiences heat or hot water concerns they should call Facilities main office to report them as they are usually localized problems. If a major disruption of services were to occur or temporary shutdown be necessary, Facilities management will notify the campus community in advance or as soon as possible after any event.

Heating Plant

Halbert Heating Plant