Mail Room

About the Mail Room

The campus mail room is comprised of a Shipping and Mailing Associate and student staff. This hardworking group picks up, sorts and delivers mail for the entire campus. They meter and affix postage to outgoing mail, process bulk mailings and deliver mail to the post office. They process and ship UPS and FedEx packages and also assist the Central Stores operation in the delivery of packages and office paper products. Any questions or concerns regarding mail can be answered by emailing the mailroom ( or by calling 715-394-8258 .

To expedite the timely processing of their mail, departments should adhere to the protocols in the mailing guidelines.

All mail is processed at the Service Center daily. USPS is delivered to the post office prior to 1pm daily to meet the new post office deadlines. UPS can be processed until 3:00 p.m. daily with overnight or ground options.

If you need a package sent out FedEx overnight it must to be brought directly to the Service Center by your department before 1:00 p.m. for us to meet our scheduling deadlines. We do not send out FedEx Ground.

Interdepartmental Mail

  • Clearly mark to whom and where the mail is being sent.
  • Do not co-mingle (mix) with regular outgoing mail.
  • Cross out all old names on both sides of the envelopes.
  • When using regular business envelopes, separate from your regular outgoing mail with paperclips or rubber bands.

Domestic Mail

  • Do not co-mingle sealed and unsealed envelopes. Our postage machine tears open sealed envelopes when it is in sealing mode and creates jams.
  • Keep flaps folded down on envelopes. We can only seal #10 business size envelopes.
  • When sending out business reply envelopes make sure your name or department is on the envelope.
  • Please include your correct department, room number or your name on incoming mail. Anything addressed to just UW-Superior may be opened or delayed while we determine where to forward the mail.
  • If you move to a new department, let the mailroom (via email or written notice) and your new department know ASAP. Also inform your sender of your address change.
  • When sending anything out with the postage imprint already on it (non-profit org. U.S. Postage PAID permit No. 231 Superior, WI), it needs to either be part of a bulk mailing or placed in an envelope.
  • Bulk mailings require at least 200 pieces or weigh 50 pounds. Contact the mailroom for more detailed information.
  • Library rate only applies to books, not letters.
  • Keep international mail (including Canada) separate from your regular mail.
  • Be sure to include the destination country.
  • Allow a clean area in the upper right hand corner of letter or package measuring at least 3 ½ in. by 1 ½ in for postage. (No tape, writing, addresses…)
  • Include a return address on all outgoing mail.
  • We will not put postage on personal mail.
  • Letter size is not more than: 11 ½ in. long or 6 1/8in. high or ¼ in. thick and weigh less than 3.5 ounces.

UPS or FedEx

  • For any UPS and FedEx shipments including international: No post office boxes (physical address only).
  • Include phone number and email of recipient. If this is not included we will use your contact information
  • Include a contact person for your department that we may contact if we have questions.
  • If shipping any hazardous/flammable material, the package must be marked and contents labeled.
  • When sending out FedEx (in order to schedule a same day pick-up) we need to notify FedEx by 1:00 p.m. Anything arriving in the mailroom after this time will need to wait until the next business day to be sent out.
  • We can ship alcohol through UPS or FedEx but the contents must be clearly marked on the box.

Correct Addressing

Within the United States

Outside the United States

John Doe
123 Main St. NW STE 12
Any town, NY 12345

Mrs. Jane Doe
1010 Clear Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0B1


  • We do not leave mail or packages outside locked offices. Contact the mailroom for delivery to another office or you may pick up your package up at the Service Center.
  • Make sure the department you want charged for the postage is included in the return address area of the envelope or you may attach a post-it-note with the information.
  • If students are ordering for your department they should include your department and/or name in the order. If they do use their name, let the mailroom know. There have been times we have had to contact students (and wait) to see where a package goes.
  • We cannot run tri-fold paper brochures through the postage machine. They need to be in envelopes to have the postage imprinted.
  • Do not overstuff your envelopes. Good rule of thumb: if you can't easily seal the envelope without using tape-we can't either.
  • If the envelope is too thick it would be processed as a flat or parcel instead of a letter, thus costing more in postage.
  • Any international mail that qualifies as a parcel must have customs papers attached. If you have not filled this out we can, but we must know what is in the package and approximate value. (Example: educational materials = $0; t-shirt+ $10)
  • Please let the mailroom know in advance if your office is planning on sending out a large amount of mail (letters or boxes) so we can more easily accommodate your pick-up.
  • In general, bulk mailings will not be processed on the same day they arrive in the mailroom due to staff availability. Please allow at least 3-5 business days.
  • We do not redeliver packages. If you intend for them to go to a different area please have that specified in the shipping address when you place your order or call the mailroom.
  • If you work in more than one department please let the mailroom know where you want your mail delivered.
  • The university mailroom is not open on weekends.