Main Office

Emergency Repairs

The main office is responsible for dispatching the appropriate personnel for emergency repairs and maintenance to buildings and equipment. Immediate attention to problems reduces the possibility of injuries to individuals or damage to buildings or equipment. For assistance, please call Ext. 8120 during regular business hours. After business hours please call Campus Safety at Ext. 8114. Please report problems as they occur or as soon as possible after they are discovered. The majority of the work shifts for maintenance staff start early morning and are finished by early afternoon. We operate much more efficiently when repairs are taken care of during scheduled shifts so that employees do not have to be called back in.

Work Orders

The main office processes and tracks all expenses associated with work orders. Work orders considered non-routine maintenance [i.e. moving of equipment or fixtures, alterations to existing structures, etc.] will be billed back to accounts for all labor, materials and services. Please call Ext. 8120 for any inquiries regarding charges and have the work order number available to facilitate answering your questions. You may also query the work orders yourself by selecting the far right tab at the top of this page and following the steps shown. To request a work order account or to place a work order, please click on Forms in the left hand navigation then select TMA iService Desk Work Order Request from the list. Work order requests and queries may also be placed through E-Hive.

Project Management

Facilities Management maintains all project budgets and issues purchase orders for all required materials and services, verifying that all contracted work is satisfactorily completed before payment is made.

Purchasing and Inventory

Facilities Management works in concert with the Purchasing Department to obtain all items needed to keep the campus well maintained. A select inventory of parts and supplies is kept on hand to avoid needless delays in repairs or maintenance. This office adheres to all State and University purchasing policies and procedures.


Facilities keeps detailed records of utility usage, rebilling to various campus departments.

Street Addresses for All Buildings

Street addresses and Building Numbers have been assigned to all buildings at UW-Superior, including Haugsrud field and buildings that do not border on streets. The street addresses were assigned by the City of Superior in order to improve the response time for emergency responders, but are not recognized by the postal service or shipping services for mail or package deliveries. The addresses are also useful for providing directions to meetings, special events or for food deliveries.