Motor Pool

The auto mechanic at the service center is responsible for keeping all university vehicles clean and in good running condition. He services all of the Grounds Department trucks and equipment including mowers, sweepers, plows and forklifts. The maintenance of the Craft shops six equipment vans, the Campus Safety vehicle, Chancellor's vehicle, all Facilities Management vehicles including the new electric vehicles, Stores/Mail van and LSRI's mobile lab are all the responsibility of our mechanic.

Our mechanic arranges for the purchase of all parts and equipment needed for in-house repairs. When the scope of repair exceeds the capabilities or equipment at our facility he arranges for major repairs at off campus auto repair shops.

The Motor pool staff also arranges for fuel deliveries and logs fuel usage of all the vehicles, tracks all maintenance and usage costs and the facilities office staff then charge those costs back to the appropriate departments.

When a vehicle needs to be replaced the mechanic helps research a suitable replacement and then makes recommendations to the department supervisor and the Facilities director.

Having reliable equipment and vehicles is essential to the safe and efficient operation of the UWS campus and our auto mechanic does a terrific job of keeping things running smoothly.