Facility Campus Master Plan


Based on the 1999 Master Plan and subsequent improvements, the consultant team will engage the campus in an highly interactive process to address a wide array of planning issues and create a Master Plan Update that will guide future campus development over the next twenty years.

The consultant team will provide the following services:

  • Review the 1999 Campus master Plan, subsequent campus development changes as contained in the current and previous Campus Physical Development Plans, Residence Life Master plan and other campus development documents and drawings.
  • Create a Master Plan Update will guide the planning and development of campus over the next 20 years.
  • Develop and illustrate a plan for phased implementation of the master plan including conceptual costs for projects anticipated to occur within the near-term, funding type and source, roles and responsibilities.
  • Work interactively and iteratively with the Master Plan Update steering committee and campus community.
  • Incorporate consolidated campus, UW System and Division of Facilities Development comments into the final Master Plan Update.
  • Incorporate best practices related to sustainable design, construction and operation practices into the Master Plan Update.

The Master Plan Update will encompass several distinct planning components, some of which were not addressed by the previous Master Plan:

  • Space Needs Assessment with recommendations for Space Use Policies.
    • Perform analysis of academic and academic support space needs based on registration data, enrollment trends, faculty and staffing projections, the academic plan, evolving technology needs in the current space and changes in program delivery including significant increases in on-line degree programs. Provide space recommendations based on these data and on national peer benchmarks.
    • Perform analysis of administrative and student support space needs based on staffing projections, organizational projections, technology needs, and program delivery. Provide space recommendations based on national peer benchmarks and best practices.
    • Perform analysis of athletic and recreational needs based on enrollment trends, strategic directions and program delivery. Provide space recommendations based on national peer benchmarks.
    • Provide recommendations for space use and allocation policy improvements.
  • Campus Master Plan Update addressing:
    • Image and Identity.
    • Access and Circulation (Pedestrian and Vehicular).
      • Retain/strengthen the strong tradition of internal pedestrian corridors connecting the core academic buildings.
      • Retain/strengthen the functional separation of vehicular traffic on the inner and outer loop roads.
    • Parking.
    • Open Space, Recreation and Athletic Fields.
    • Land Use Zones and Building Opportunity Sites.
    • Utility Planning.
  • Landscape Improvement Plan addressing open space landscape zones, gateways and campus perimeter treatments, way-finding signage and other site amenities.
    • Assure retention of the existing campus character and strengthen campus identity.
    • Preserve important existing environmental assets.
  • Incorporation of the Residence Life Master Plan.
  • Phased Implementation Plan.
  • Site and Architectural Design Guidelines.

The consultant will be expected to facilitate and manage information gathering from a variety of participants including:

  • Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni.
  • Superior community.
  • UW System.
  • Division of Facilities Development.  


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