Master Plan Schedule

Master Planning Process Timeline 

Fall Semester 2013               Gather and reviews data relating to space utilization, staffing data, facilities 

                                                  inventory, organization charts and other statistical data.              

January 22-24, 2014              Consultants meet with campus departments to gather information about the factors

                                                  that impact physical space use and space needs.

Week of Feb. 17 (2 days)       Discuss findings gathered from January meetings.

Week of March 10 (1 day)      Discuss initial planning concept studies.

Week of April 7 (1 day)          Discuss draft of planning concept refinement.

Week of May 5 (1 day)          Discuss final planning concept refinement.

Early September (1 day)        Present final draft of planning document.

December 2014                    Campus presents master plan to Board of Regents for approval.


Schedule Graph


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