UAAC Report to Senate 10 23 07

To:       Faculty Senate 

From:   Joel Sipress, Chair of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

Date:    October 17, 2007

Re:       Council Chair Report


The following is the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council Report to the October 23 Faculty Senate Meeting.  Supporting documents have been provided.


I.                    Approved Council Minutes


A.     UAAC Meeting of April 24, 2007           Document

B.     UAAC Meeting of September 11, 2007   Document

C.     UAAC Meeting of September 25, 2007   Document



II.                 Action Items requiring Senate Approval


A.     Proposal for English Proficiency for Non-Native Speakers   Document

B.     Modification in Degree Progress Report Policy  Document

C.     General Education—Revised Learning Goals and Recommended Actions Document

D.     Assessment of Prior Learning Recommendations  Document

E.      Bachelor of Music Education-Choral/General--  Request for one-credit exemption to credits within majors policy Document

F.      Proposal for Writing Minor   Document

G.     Proposed Information Technology Minor  Document

H.    Proposed Chinese Minor Document