UACC Report to Senate 03 25 08


To:       Faculty Senate 

From:   Joel Sipress, Chair of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

Date:    March 19, 2008

Re:       Council Chair Report


The following is the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council Report to the March 25 Faculty Senate Meeting.  Supporting documents have been provided.


I.                    Approved Council Minutes


·        UAAC Meeting of February 5, 2008   


II.                 Report on Undergraduate Academic Advisement Issues


·        At its December meeting, the UAAC held a discussion of academic advisement issues with Christopher Markwood and Jane Birkholz.  The focus of this discussion was summer advisement.  As a follow up, at our March 4 meeting, we received a revised SOAR advisement model from the Undergraduate Academic Advisement Committee.  As the revised model contains no changes in academic policy, it does not require governance approval.  Nevertheless, at the request of administration and the Undergraduate Academic Advisement Committee, the Council reviewed the revised SOAR model and formally endorsed it.  We forward the revised SOAR model to Faculty Senate with the recommendation that Senate endorse the model, as well.     


III.               Items Requiring Senate Action


·        Non-Comprehensive Individually Designed Major for Distance Education—Currently the Distance Education Program offers a Comprehensive Individually Designed Minor.  This proposal would authorize the Distance Education Program to also offer a Non-Comprehensive Individually Designed Minor. 


·        TED Articulation Agreement with Wisconsin Technical College System—Since the approval of this agreement by the UAAC, a minor correction has been made in the document.  I have forwarded both the original version as approved by UAAC and the corrected version.  The original version incorrectly listed "WTCS #10-307-195: Family and Community Relationships PLUS 10307188: Guiding Children's Behavior" (the second course equivalence) as 3 credits.  It has been corrected to read 5 credits. 


·        FERPA Permission Form—This form would allow a student to authorize individual professors to share information regarding the student's academic performance in particular courses with specified individuals.