UACC Report to Senate 05 06 08

To:       Faculty Senate 

From:   Joel Sipress, Chair of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

Date:    April 30, 2008

Re:       Council Chair Report


The following is the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council Report to the May 6 Faculty Senate Meeting.  Supporting documents have been provided.


I.                    Approved Council Minutes


·        UAAC Meeting of March 4, 2008  (attachment)


II.                 Items Requiring Senate Action


·        Academic Credit for McNair Scholars Program Participants—This proposal would establish a policy whereby participants in the McNair Scholars Program would receive 2 credits of academic credit for completion of their summer research project.  The credits would be provided by the McNair mentor's department in a manner to be determined by the department.  (attachment)


·        Articulation Agreements with MNSCU two-year campuses—At its last meeting, the UAAC reviewed ten draft updated articulation agreements with two-year MNSCU campuses with whom UW-Superior already has established articulation agreements.  (It had been many years since these agreements had been reviewed.)  At the council meeting, concerns were raised about a number of the core course equivalencies.  The council voted to forward these ten draft agreements to Faculty Senate for consideration at its May 6th meeting with the proviso that the four departments that offer core courses review the drafts and report to Faculty Senate any concerns or proposed revisions that they have.  A compilation of the departmental reviews have been provided.


Rainy River Articulation Agreement

Rochester Articulation Agreement

Hibbing Articulation Agreement

Mesabi Articulation Agreement

Cambridge Articulation Agreement

Vermilion Articulation Agreement

Central Lakes Articulation Agreement

Lake Suerior College _BUS AD_ Articu Agrmt

Itasca Articulation Agreement

Articulation Agreement Responses