UACC Report to Senate 11 08 07

To:       Faculty Senate 

From:   Joel Sipress, Chair of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

Date:    November 8, 2007

Re:       Council Chair Report


The following is the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council Report to the November 20 Faculty Senate Meeting.  Supporting documents have been provided. 


I.                    Approved Council Minutes 

·        UAAC Meeting of October 16, 2007 Minutes          

II.                 Action Item Requiring Senate Approval      Supplement    TED Memo Ammended 

·        Change in Math Core Requirement—The Council recommends changing the language of the mathematics core requirement to reflect the addition of the new IT Minor. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department unanimously agreed that the new IT courses should not satisfy the math core requirement, and therefore the current catalog language needs to change. To accomplish this, and simultaneously simplify the inventory of courses meeting the math core while still serving the needs of other departments, the Department identified a "short list" of courses designated to satisfy this requirement.  Document 

III.               Undergraduate Academic Advisement Issues 

The Council received the following recommendations from the Undergraduate Academic Advisement Committee: 

1.      Because faculty should continue to have a central role in performing academic advisement on this campus, the Undergraduate Academic Advisement Committee recommends that the Academic Affairs Council investigate any current plans on campus regarding the future of academic advisement, including that of the Enrollment Management Team.  The Committee further recommends that AAC ask Jane Birkholz to discuss as soon as is possible at a Council meeting the plans of the enrollment management team for the campus' academic advisement program. 

2.      The Undergraduate Academic Advisement Committee recommends that SOAR sessions be scheduled throughout the summer in sufficient number to make relatively small group advisement possible, and that new and transfer students be required to commit to one of these SOAR sessions (with exceptions as necessary).  The Committee asks the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council to endorse this recommendation. 

In response to the first recommendation, the Council has invited Jane Birkholz and Christopher Markwood to attend the December 4 Council meeting to discuss issues related to Academic Advisement.  The Council has placed the second recommendation on its December 4th agenda.  Council members have been asked to discuss issues related to summer advisement with their respective departments prior to the December 4 meeting.