UAAC 15-16 Supporting Documents

10.22.15 FYS Recomendations
2015 04 07 WLLC Meeting Minutes excerpt
2015 04 07 WLLC Minutes Excerpt
2015 09 22 WLLC Meeting 2 Minutes
2015 09 22 WLLC Meeting Minutes excerpt
2015 10 14 EPP-UAAC WLLC
2015 10 16 New Course proposal
30_HHP proposal  WITC F15 Artic Agre
Catalog BF Lang.Arts MC-ECA Minor
Catalog English Program English Majors and Minors
Catalog German Program Minors
Catalog Spanish Program Minors
Chem103 minutes 2015 09 28
CHEM-181 syllabus spr'15
Course Description - PSYC - Final Changes-2
Course Proposal Cancer Bio
Course-Proposal-Form-2013-03, Fezzey, ENGL 449
Course-Proposal-Form-Princ Gen Chem
DBELEtter to UAAC BUS 341 Elective
ECED Catalog F15
EDL Catalog Program Description
EDL Course Descriptions
EDL Proposal MTHED 250
EDL proposal SPED Catalog copy
ELED Prereq changes chart and minutes
Engl 449 Postcolonial Syllabus
English Program Streamlining
EPP EDL minutes 12 2
EPP HHPED minutes catalog
Explanation Broad Field Language Arts MC-EA Minor
Explanation English Program Majors and Minors
Explanation German Program Minors
Explanation Spanish Program Minors
FW Biology 399 M and D
FYS Recommendations
Gen Ed proposal Student Learninng Goals Alignment 2015 10 08
Gen Ed proposal WRIT 209 2015 10 08 and docs
Gen Ed S'16 Assessment Exercise
HHP 11 19
HHP 11 19 min
HHP minutes 12 3
HHP proposal  WITC F15 Artic Agree
HIPs Report for UAAC
Kafkas UWS Business Administration Articulation
Kafkas UWS Economics Articulation
Minutes DNS 2016 01 22
Online Delivery of the WRIT minor Schlacks letter, minutes
PSYCH Catalog copy and course description changes - Outlook Web Access Light
Senior Exp Report
Social Inquiry- UAAC 2015 17 09
SYE Capstone Charge
SYE Standards form 2016 02
SYE Standards Form Draft
UAAC minutes 2015 11 10 Unapproved
UAAC Unapproved Minutes 2015 11 24
University Studies Application and Review Schedule
University Studies Assessment Schedule
UWS Student Preferred Name
WRIT 099 prop 2015 09 15 and docs.
WRIT 480-Writing and Healing Course Proposal-Form-2
WRIT 480-Writing and Healing Syllabus  and docs
WRIT Proposal Catalog  Core Courses Revisions