Agenda Executive 2008-10-14

 Faculty Senate Executive Committee Agenda

October 14, 2008



I.              Approval of Minutes 


II.             Report on Meetings with Provost and Chancellor's Cabinet


·        Faculty Searches

·        Team for 2010 NCA Focus Visit

-Not a full-blown visit—a focused visit

-Total of 6 on team—3 or 4 faculty.  Responsibility will be to draft a brief report that demonstrates progress toward implementation of public liberal arts initiatives, including assessment data

·        Process to Update and Maintain Faculty Handbook

·        Communication of Annual Reports from Committees

·        Travel Money Allocation Process

·        12 Month Pay Option

·        WITC Transfer Issue

·        Governance Role in Annual Budget Process


III.            October Senate Meeting Agenda Items

  1. Old Business


·        Second Vote on Proposal to Shrink Personnel Council and PRPC

·        Proposal to Merge PRPC and BRC


  1. New Business


·        Five Year Academic Plan (Provost's Designee will present)


IV.            Administrator Evaluation Update

V.             Promotions Issues (3:00 PM)—Shaun, Rhoda, Greg, and Priscilla

VI.            Other