Agenda Executive 10 14 08

Agenda Executive 10 14 08

 Faculty Senate Executive Committee Agenda

October 14, 2008



I.              Approval of Minutes  attachment


II.             Report on Meetings with Provost and Chancellor's Cabinet


·        Faculty Searches

·        Team for 2010 NCA Focus Visit

-Not a full-blown visit—a focused visit

-Total of 6 on team—3 or 4 faculty.  Responsibility will be to draft a brief report that demonstrates progress toward implementation of public liberal arts initiatives, including assessment data

·        Process to Update and Maintain Faculty Handbook

·        Communication of Annual Reports from Committees

·        Travel Money Allocation Process

·        12 Month Pay Option

·        WITC Transfer Issue

·        Governance Role in Annual Budget Process


III.            October Senate Meeting Agenda Items

  1. Old Business


·        Second Vote on Proposal to Shrink Personnel Council and PRPC

·        Proposal to Merge PRPC and BRC


  1. New Business


·        Five Year Academic Plan (Provost's Designee will present)


IV.            Administrator Evaluation Update

V.             Promotions Issues (3:00 PM)—Shaun, Rhoda, Greg, and Priscilla

VI.            Other