Executive Committee 14-15 Attachments

Emeritus Status- DRAFT updated 5 1 15 - Final to go to governance
Intitial Proposal for  DL Integration 4-23-15
Summer 2014 Petitions
HLC AccreditationTeams for 2017 Assurance Argument_April_9_2015
PBC Report to Faculty Senate Revised 4-24-12
J & E Suggestions UW-Superior Strategic Plan Metrics
UWS Prior Learning Graduate Policy
HIPs Department Discussion Points
9UWS Prior Learning Graduate Policy
8FYS Committee Form
7Draft Gen Ed Review Template
10Committee Form Policy Admissions Director
6HIPs Department Discussion Points
5Academic Assessment Committee
4Faculty Senate Exec 22 Feb 2015
Report Resolution-2-3-15 (2)
FAQ Governor System Authority Proposal
DRAFT Gen Ed Review Template
Approved Faculty Personnel Rules 2015 02 06
DRAFT Gen Ed Review Template (2)2015 02 03
UWS Chapters 4, 7, and 11 Rulemaking Memo Dec 15 2014
G:\01\Summary of VAWA Provisions Affecting Institutional Disciplinary Proceedings.docx
Summary of VAWA Provisions Affecting Institutional Disciplinary Proceedings
Proposed Revisions to UWS 4-7-11
Proposal for FYS for 2015-16
OCR FAQ on Title IX and Sexual Violence.April 2014
Institutional Participants to the UW System Transfer Symposium[5]
First Year Seminar Funding and Requirement_signed final 12.9.14
Definitions of 5 offenses
CommitteeFormPolicy_Library Director Search
CommitteeFormPolicy_Exective Director of Outreach and Alternative Delivery Search
Chapter UWS 11 Proposed Draft for Campus Review Revised Dec 17 2014
Chapter UWS 7 Proposed Draft for Campus Review Dec 17 2014
Chapter UWS 4 Proposed Draft for Campus Review Dec 17 2014
36 115 HR memo 12-23-14
16  Scope Statment Chapter  11
13 Scope Statement 4 and 7(2)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)
URSCA Committee Request 2014 11 (12 09)
Recommendation Academic Staff Librarians 2014 12 03
Librarian Statement
BFT UW Superior Research Proposal 2014 09
URSCA Committee Request 2014
Committee_integrated Learning Goals and outcomes working group_oct2014
University Assessment Committee request Oct 2014
BAAS-WITC-Medical Laboratory Technician
BAAS MOU -- UW-Superior 2014
BAAS Applied Pathway Overview
2104-2015 Proposed Calendar, Exec, Full and UAAC
University of Wisconsin ­ Superior
2014 CUR Workshop Application (2)
New_APRC_Template 1
GC Commencement Motion
PBC and PBRC Working Minutes 2013 5 1