Action Memorandum #09-03



TO:                 Julius Erlenbach, Chancellor

FROM:           Tim Cleary, Faculty Senate Secretary

DATE:            October 1, 2008

SUBJECT:   Administrator Evaluations                

The following action was approved by the Faculty Senate.

Faculty Senate meeting date:  May 6, 2008

Administrator Evaluations   (attachment)

Motion (Sloboda/Lynch) to approve the Administrative Evaluation process and document with the exception of number two (2) and number four (4).

Motion (Cleary/Lynch) to amend item number two (2), the evaluation interval process is happen every two years on even years. 
Motion approved unanimously. 

Motion (Lynch/Sherman) to amend the original motion for number four (4) that Faculty Senate Executive Committee initiate the evaluation process.  
Motion carried unanimously.

Original motion called to vote,  to approve the administrative evaluation process and document with the exception with number two ( 2) and number four (4), including amendments. Motion carried unanimously.