2013 09 17

Agenda-Faculty Senate 
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
2:30 - 3:45 p.m., YU 203


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Faculty Representative   
Academic Program Review Council
Planning and Budgetary Council 
Personnel Council
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Graduate Council 
Academic Staff Senate
Classified Staff Advisory Committee
Student Senate


OLD Business
I.   UAAC Action Items
     a.  Second Baccalaureate Degree Policy AP1120
     b.  AP1119 Drop Add Cancel
     c.  AP1204 Transfer Policy
II.  Gogebic Community College-HBJD Articulation Agreement (attachment) 
III. Chair Evaluations Recommendations from Personnel Council  (attachment)


NEW Business
I.    Faculty Personnel Rules, Chapters 7 and 8 (attachment)   (Draft Personnel Rules)
II.   UAAC Action Items
      a.  AP1304 Summer Grade Submittal Due Date (attachment)
      b.  AP1302 Academic Standing (remove 14 cr. limit) (attachment)
      Informational: Course syllabus guidelines 2013  (attachment2)

III.  Establishing charge to UAAC for a GPA Calcuation policy (attachment)
IV.  Personnel Council charge to develop a statement of process for Notification of Dean of Department Personnel Decisions.  (attachment)

IV.   Senate Executive Committee Recommendations for Committee Charges
        a.  Reduce faculty on Day Care Advisory to one (discussion item)
        b.  Request that department library liasions fulfill the role of the Library Advisory Committee
        c.  URSCA has requested staggered 2 year terms for consistency
        d.  Consider requesting start-of the year Council and Committee plans and year-end reports  
             (discussion item)    




Agenda updated 2013 09 17 (two documents)