Agenda-Faculty Senate  
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 2:30 - 3:45 p.m., YU 203


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March 25, 2014
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I.   Administrator Evaluations
II.  Discussion: Academic Questions regarding First Year Seminar
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     (attachment 4)
III. Pay Plan Recommendation
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IV. Discrimination and Harrassment Policy 
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I.  UAAC Action Items
     a.  New French Teaching Minor
      b.  UW Superior Bachelor of Science Degree Programs 
          in DBE and WITC Business Management Associate of Applied
          Science Program (Articulation Agreement)
II.  PBC Recommendations regarding Authorization
     of HHP Child Development Intent to Plan

     Motion from the December 17, 2013 Faculty Senate Meeting: 
    *Agenda item added :HHP Child Development Intent to Plan
     Motion (Stocker/Kroll) to approve the HHP Child Development Intent to Plan.Discussion.No new courses are needed.There is a large need for the major, good for recruiting and retention.No additional workload now.Question about future workload and overload. Should this go through the Program Prioritization process?This is the intent to plan and must go through the process,intent to plan shouldnot stop due to Program Prioritization and Strategic Planning.Discussion.Motion Stocker/Notbohm) preauthorization contingent on PBC review.Motion carried.Original question called.Motion to approve HHP Child Development Intent to Plan (contingent on PBC review) carried. 

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III.  Graduate Curriculum Approval Chart  (attachment)   (attachment 2)
IV.  Recommendations regarding UW System Overload Policy Guidelines
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