2019 05 14

Agenda-Faculty Senate   University of Wisconsin-Superior 
Tuesday, May 14,  2019   REVISED 2019 05 14 12:30 p.m.
2:30-4:00 p.m.
YU 203


Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes-Faculty Senate meeting  2019 04 16  2019 03 26
Receive Faculty Senate Exec Minutes 2019 02 12   2019 03 12 (2019 03 05) correct date

Faculty Senate Chair
Faculty Senate Secretary
Faculty Representative
Faculty SPCT Representative
Academic Program Review Council
Graduate Council
Personnel Council
Planning and Budgetary Council  (attachment) (attachment)
Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Academic Staff Senate
University Staff Senate
Student Government Association

1.  Motion to approve USP Task Force Recommendations (attachment) (attachment)

2.  Motion to approve Credits and Reinstatement Committee's request to remove students from the committee (attachment 9)


1.  Motion to approve HHP bylaws (attachment 10)
2.  Motion to approve Music Department bylaws (attachment)
3.  Motion to approve HBJD bylaws (attachment 12)
4.  Motion to approve WLS Department bylaws(attachment 13)
5.  Motion to approve Natural Science pre-req change for CHEM 106 item struck from agenda

6.  Motion to approve Associate Degree, explicitly add Environmental Science (ENSC) courses
to the "Additional three credits in the Natural Sciences" category, since it is a new prefix

Item struck from agenda
7.  Motion to approve APRC Natural Science Report (attachment)
8.  Motion to approve APRC reviewing Communicating Arts (attachment)
9.  Motion to charge chair of HHP to meet with APRC before May 24, 2019 to discuss
requirements of a report (attachment)

10. Proposed new Comprehensive Broad Field Science Major (Cook, Edie) passed unanimously
(attachment (17)18-1)  (attachment 18) (attachment 20)
  New Chemistry (non-comprehensive) concentration within chemistry major (Kenna, Cook) passed
unanimously (attachment 19)


Call to order New Senate

1.  New Business
2.  Elect officers and Executive Committee
     a.  Motion to nominate Faculty Representative
     b.  Motion to nominate secretary

Agenda posted 2019 05 13 by L. Sharp, ADA Faculty Senate