07-08 Attachments

Proposed Chinese Minor
Proposal for English Proficiency for Non-Speakers
Proposal for a Writing Minor
Modification in Degree Progress Report Policy
Information Technology Minor Proposal
General Education
Bachelor of Music Education
APL Recommandations
UW-Superior Health and Counseling Services
Subject Textbook rental
field trip
Faculty Report 09 28 07
FERPA Permission Rev
Admin Evaluation Report 04 08
Faculty Rep Report 05 02 08
Faculty Report 04 04 08
Proposed Post Tenure Review Process
LibDIN UWSA 2009-11 budget proposal executive Summary
UWS SSCI Template final
General Education Report Form
General Education Review Proposal
Faculty Repoprt 02 01 08
Student Senate Motions December 2007
Consideration of three Voluntary Student Assessment systems
Shared Governance Guidelines 11 15 07
Faculty Report 11 30 07
Microsoft Word - Response to PRPC Response to the Math Prog Rev
Microsoft Word - Response to PRPC CSCI Program Review
Oshkosh Template
Microsoft Word - VSA Measures
Math Computer Science acknowledgement 11 07
Faculty Academic Staff Joint Meeting 11 15 07
Field Trip Policy
Leave Reporting Improvements Final
Math and Computer Sciences Review
Computer Sciences Review
BRC Request 06 07