UAAC Report to Senate 5-5-09


To:       Faculty Senate 

From:   Steve Rosenberg, Chair of Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

Date:    April 30, 2009

Re:       Council Chair Report

The following is the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council Report to the May 5, 2009 Faculty Senate Meeting.  Supporting documents have been provided.


I.                    Approved Council Minutes


·        UAAC Meeting of April 7, 2009  (attachment)


II.                 Items Requiring Senate Action


·        Academic Plan: The plan was approved with explanatory language that it is not a policy document and not binding.  (attachment)

·        Earth Science minor: formerly the Physical Environmental Science minor, the proposed changes are extensive enough to warrant consideration by Senate as a "virtually new minor".   (attachment)


III.               Informational Items


·        Senior Experience for Individually Designed Majors: UAAC approved a change to the current UWS Individually Designed Major Guidelines, adding the line "The student participates in the Senior Experience required by the department of the advisor". This change completes the overhaul of UWS graduation requirements, so that every baccalaureate recipient will now be required to complete a senior experience.

·        World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures brought a proposal to reduce the foreign language requirement for the BA degree. Time expired before UAAC could consider this proposal, so it will be considered in Fall 2009.