Minutes Senate 2009-01-27



January 27, 2009



Meeting called to order by Chair Sipress, 2:30 p.m.


Present:   Christensen Cleary, Crow, Erlenbach,  Faerber, Fank, Griffith, Jacobs, Kronzer, Lynch, Marciniec, Markwood, Robinson,  Schmude, Sherman, Simpson, Sipress, Starratt, Waxman, Wright, G., Sharp


APPROVAL OF MINUTES    December 9, 2008

Motion (Kronzer/Jacobs) to approve minutes dated December 9, 2008.  No revisions.  Motion carried.



Motion (Sloboda/Marciniec) to receive executive minutes dated January 13, 2009. Motion carried.



Budget:  nothing new to report since last update.  The Governor has invited the UW Chancellors to the State of the State address and reception following.  The Federal stimulus process is due on the floor and a vote could be as early as Wednesday.

The issue of textbook costs are of national concern. Laura Jacobs reminded faculty to put their textbooks on reserve each semester.  Discussion of bookstore pricing mark up and rethinking the profit margin of textbooks.  The bookstore is a revenue stream, what is the appropriate ratio.  The Chancellor will contact Jan Hanson



The participation for opening week was exceptional.  Feedback of the activities is welcomed.  Dr. Nutt has volunteered to return.

UW Colleges are seeking an Applied Baccalaureate Degree.

The presentation of salary issues was received by administration.  Provost Markwood thanked Shaun Lynch and the committee for the work completed.

CIPT continues to meet to add and develop a unified form for all strategic planning on campus and target date for completion is spring 2009.

Faculty searches continue.  Due to a retirement one has been added bringing the total to six.



Chair  Report   handout

CIPT – in addition to developing the universal format for strategic planning is to develop a process for long term budgeting and positioning of the campus.  The context for the request is the budget difficulties have added some urgency to this.  The approach that the CIPT is taking, with the encouragement of the Provost is about long term budgeting in order to position the campus long term in regard to budget issues. This is not an attempt to make short term decisions to meet an impending budget deadline. The CIPT has agreed that the group will not make any decisions or recommendations involving specific positions or specific budget allocations. This is different from the previous strategic planning committee during the last budget crisis.  The committee intends to identify areas of high priority need on campus using the campus mission and strategic plan and NCA progress report as a basis for making decisions about institutional priorities. Having identified institutional priorities and the dollar figures going with those priorities they will then move to identify general principals that will be used to identify areas of "savings" as well as specific criteria that could be used to make decisions about potential areas of savings.

The timeline is by April to have a full draft of the plan for campus feedback, incorporate campus feedback, then to governance bodies for review and approval.

HLC Academic Plan committee project for spring is the academic plan and the project for fall is to prepare for the HLC visit.  The task is primarily being viewed as a task of synthesis, integration and updating of already existing institutional and departmental planning.  

Meeting with WITC on January 29th.

Thank you to Shaun Lynch for his willingness to work with administration in regard to salary issues (he has no official authority at this time)

Motion (Griffith/Cleary) to have Shaun Lynch represent Faculty Senate regarding salary and compression issues and report back to Senate for guidance and direction. Motion carried.

Secretary                    No Report

Faculty Representative    Report

Sloboda-Variety of options for the textbook rental program.   Support for the 3 year degree is gaining.  Note, not all campuses will offer or implement.


Academic Program Review Council   No Report        

Planning and Budgetary Council        No Report

Personnel Council

Kronzer-the issue of staggered terms has been resolved.  The charge has been received from senate to request department personnel rules for review and clarity.  These are being



Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council   Report   Minutes   Advisement  MESL Proposal  Scheduling

Written reports received.  Two items needing action.

(1) Motion (Starratt/Fank) to approve the Proposal for First Semester Advisement of New Undeclareds and Pre-BUS.

Discussion included lack of continuity with advisors and students.  Secondary advisors, pin number release authority?  Other questions and concerns discussed.

Motion (Griffith/Faerber) to table pending visit of Undergraduate Academic Advising Office.  Motion carried.  Item tabled.   NEW BUSINESS

(2) Motion (Robinson/Starratt) to approve the MESLS (Madison English as a Second Language Schoo)l.  No discussion. Motion carried.


Graduate Council

Kronzer-A strategic planning retreat was held during opening week.  Reminder of retirement reception for Evelyn Hagfeldt on Wednesday, the 28th, 2:30 – 4:30.

Student Senate                       No report

Academic Staff Senate         No report



I.  AQIP Executive Senate is not suggesting action at this time. Questions to the Provost include additional costs, why are Technical Colleges over represented, and what is lacking with the current accreditation model.



I.   Pay Plan Distribution    Unclassified Pay Plan Distribution Guidelines   Salary Issues

Shaun Lynch opened the Unclassified Pay Plan Distribution Guidelines and Salary Issues discussion. Discussion ensued of the many issues of the matter.

Provost Markwood clarified that every dollar of faculty salary savings goes back to salary towards promotion salary increases and raises.

Motion (Lynch/Griffith) if pay plan is 2% or less, then the pay percentage is distributed across the board to those who have received at least a solid performance rating.

If the pay plan is greater than 2%, the Chancellor is encouraged to use the 10% Chancellor earmark for the portion greater that 2% to address compression issues in accord with the multiyear pay plan adopted by Faculty Senate in conjunction with additional funding resources for compression. The remainder should be distributed as follows: zero for unsatisfactory, one-third for solid performance, and an additional two-thirds for meritorious.  Two opposed.  Motion carries.


II. Other

I.   Senate Meeting time

Brief discussion regarding the 2:30 starting time which is a hardship for several senators.  Meetings to begin at 3:00 p.m.  



Meeting adjourned, 4:15 p.m., by Chair Sipress


Respectfully submitted on this 2nd day of February, 2009 by Linda Sharp, Faculty Senate, Clerical Assistant.