September 23 2008

Minutes-Faculty Senate
University of Wisconsin-Superior

September 23, 2008
RSC 111, 2:30 p.m.


Meeting called to order by Chair Sipress, 2:30 p.m.

Present: Cleary, Crow, Faerber, Fank, Griffith, Jacobs, Kronzer, Lynch, Marciniec, Markwood, Robinson, Alexson, Sherman, Simpson, Sipress, Sloboda, Starratt, Waxman, Wright, G.

Excused: Christensen, E.

Guests: Burkett, Carroll, Rosenberg, McDonald, M.


Motion (Cleary/Marciniec) to accept minutes dated May 6, 2008. No revisions. Motion carried unanimously.


Executive minutes dated: May 27, 2008, July 8, 2008, July 15, 2008, August 5, 2008 and September 9, 2008 received.


Highlights of the newly passed Higher Education Act of 2008. (handout) The new academic building architectural documents are in OM 103. An open invitation is issued to review/comment/input before October 10. Administration is working towards making the unclassified staff hiring process understandable, and easy to navigate. The process of hiring has been mapped out. Administration is looking for input.

Rebecca Martin, Vice President of System will be on campus this week. Provost Markwood encourages all to attend the campus wide forum on the 25th. A Faculty Senate specific meeting will be taking place as well. On September 29th Provost Markwood, Jan Hanson and Vicki Hajewski will be hosting a faculty forum. Communicating Commitment to Liberal Education booklet handed out.


Chair - (attachment) Sipress highlighted actions of Executive Committee during the summer months. Approval of document ‘Committee Charges’ which streamline committee positions. Discussion of filling short term committees and processes took place. An open call for volunteers will be issued to all faculty. Executive Committee will make a recommendation to Senate as how to fill, if time allows. Executive Committee will fill the position if immediate action is necessary. A list of priorities was exchanged by the committee and Provost Markwood outlining issues and concerns. Each month Chair Sipress will include an update of what has been completed and/or is in process. Two action items were completed. The request to look at assessment of

Academic Advising has been referred to the Academic Advising Committee and implementation of an Early Warning System for at risk students was referred to the First Year Advisory Group.

Secretary – Cleary - Council election results: Alvin (Chip) Beal and Jennifer (Jen) Christensen have been elected to the Personnel Council. Cleary thanked all who responded. Details for administration evaluations are in progress. Evaluations will begin on or before the first week of December. Total of five (5) administrators to be evaluated, those being the top level of administrators.

Faculty Representative No report

Program Review and Planning Council No report

Budget Review Council No report

Personnel Council No report

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council (attachments)

Report to Senate, Minutes, March 4, 2008 and Policy on Approval of Undergraduate Academic Policies received. No action items. No questions for Chair Rosenberg.

Graduate Council - Report provided by Kronzer. The council has met twice. Elected officers for the 2008-09 year are Terri Kronzer , Chair, and Peggy Marciniec, Secretary. The council is working with the new Associate Dean to address priorities.

Student Senate No report

Academic Senate No report


I. Pay Plan Proposal (attachment)

No motion. The 5 Year Pay Plan Proposal dies due to lack of motion.

Discussion ensued. Motion (Lynch/Waxman) to establish a sub committee to draft a proposal for a multi-year pay plan by the November Senate meeting.

Discussion. Faerber-the Music Department is strongly opposed to merit performance award (item # 4) based on the criterion listed. Starratt-Social Inquiry also strongly objected to merit performance awards. Waxman-adverse department atmospheres may be caused by merit performance awards. Lynch – there is a feature error with compression allocated funds and the issue of merit award fund allocation should be reconsidered, all parts are tied together. Two characteristics of the pay plan are pay increases, these increases should be fair and across the board, and the criteria for compression compensation has to be very clear and addressed point by point. Question- will the sub committee work from the existing document or start over? Lynch-either option could be taken by the sub committee, this would be the sub committee’s choice. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously. NEW BUSINESS NOVEMBER Motion (Griffith/Faerber) to appoint Gary Sherman, Shawn Lynch, Priscilla Starratt and George Wright to the Pay Plan Proposal sub committee. Motion carried unanimously.

Chair Sipress thanked the volunteers.


I. Equity Scorecard Appointment/Summer School Task Force Appointments (attachment)

Equity Scorecard project background provided by Michael McDonald. It is an initiative that is being carried out at the system wide level and at the University of Superior level by the Provosts office. The purpose of the Equity Scorecard is to look at four specific areas as it relates to students’ of color. The phases are: access, retention, institutional receptivity and excellence. The Equity Scorecard Team of Superior has been charged to put together a report for the Chancellor that will provide guidance as it relates to any possible disparities in those four areas relative to students of color. The team is meeting on a monthly basis. The faculty members serving on the Equity scorecard team are: Eri Fujieda, Wendy Kropid and Chip Beal. A request to add a fourth member was received by senate. Motion (Cleary/Robinson) to appoint Gloria Toivola to the Equity Scorecard Team. Motion carried unanimously.

Summer College Taskforce. A joint taskforce, (faculty and administration) will review the ongoing issues of summer college and recommend how it may operate more effectively. Administrative members are: Jan Hanson, Faith Hensrud and David Carroll. Executive Committee has recommended Suzanne Griffith, Marshall Johnson and Susan Loonsk be appointed to the Summer College Taskforce. Motion (Cleary/Marciniec) to appoint Suzanne Griffith, Marshall Johnson and Susan Loonsk to the Summer College Taskforce. Motion carried unanimously.

II. S & E Recommendations from BRC (attachment)

Discussion. The recommendation proposes a floor that no department be below and it recommends that those who are below the floor be brought in line. Funds would not be taken away from other departments to make up the discrepancy. In addition, if there are departments who are above the floor and have special needs that cannot be met through their current allocations there will be a regular and transparent process for those funds to be presented and reviewed. Motion (Sherman/Jacobs) to accept the S & E Recommendations from BRC. Motion carried unanimously.

III. PRBC Review of the Music Department (attachment)

Motion (Cleary/Jacobs) to accept the PRBC report to the Music Department. Motion carried unanimously. Motion (Lynch/Griffith) that the Music Department respond by the December Senate meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

IV. Bylaw and Charter Change (attachment)

Discussion of merging BRC and PRPC committees and reducing number of members to Personnel Council and PRPC. (A charter change is not necessary as it was not updated when the split of PRBC was originally made; amendment is to make the bylaws consistent with the charter). Motion (Sloboda/Waxman) to approve bylaw changes.

Discussion. Motion (Robinson/Griffith) dividing the question. Part one “reduce the number of governance positions of Personnel Committee and PRPC to five (5)” and part two, “Merge BRC and PRPC”. Motion carried.

Motion, part one (Robinson/Clearly) to reduce the number of governance positions of Personnel Committee and PRPC to five (5). Motion carried unanimously.

Considerable discussion regarding merging of PRBC and BRC councils ensued. Merits of each committee highlighted as well as problems filling committee/council positions.

Motion (Fank/Kronzer) to table the merger. Hand count taken by Chair Sipress, 12 in favor, 3 oppose. (No abstaining votes) Motion to table carried. OLD BUSINESS October. Senators were asked to discuss the matter with their department and bring input to October meeting.

V. Senior Year Experience (attachment)

Brief outline of document by Ed Burkett. Discussion. The guidelines that must be met must engage the students in original and creative work, a public presentation, departmental assessment of the experience and a description of how the $1000 will be used to supplement the Senior Experience. Clarification, those departments that have a Senior Year Experience in place must submit proposal to UAAC for approval. All proposals must be submitted to UAAC no later than March 2009. Departments may contact members of the group for assistance if needed.

Motion (Starratt/Cleary) to approve the Senior Experience implementation proposal. Motion carried unanimously.

VI. Class Scheduling

Discussion of class scheduling and different models. Motion (Griffith/Lynch) to refer the matter of class scheduling to UAAC. Discussion ensued. Sloboda reported that most other UW campuses engage in the 4 + 1 or alternative scheduling. It addresses students’ needs and is student friendly. Motion amendment (Kronzer) that it must receive input from Graduate Council before returning to the senate floor. Discussion. Input received by Chair Sipress from the Biology Department in regard to the long standing problem with scheduling science labs. Provost Markwood suggested that there be no boundaries on these discussions. Question about contact hours raised. Chair Sipress will ask that solicitation from all constituencies be under consideration during the review process.

Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn (Cleary/Lynch). Meeting adjourned 3:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted on this 26th day of September, 2008 by Linda Sharp, Faculty Senate Clerical Assistant.