Minutes Senate 2008-10-28

Minutes-Faculty Senate

University of Wisconsin-Superior

October 28, 2008

RSC 111, 2:30 p.m.


Meeting called to order by Chair Sipress, 2:30 p.m.

 Present:  Cleary, Crow, Erlenbach, Faerber, Fank, Griffith, Lindquist (for Jacobs), Kronzer, Lynch, Marciniec, Markwood, Robinson, Alexson, Sherman, Simpson, Sipress, Sloboda, Starratt, Waxman, Wright, G., Sharp

Guest:  P. Nordgren

Excused:  Christensen, E., Jacobs


Motion (Robinson/Kronzer) to accept minutes September 23, 2008.  No revisions.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion (Marciniec/Cleary) to receive Executive Minutes dated October 14, 2008.  Motion carried.


Chancellor Erlenbach provided an update of the visit to China.  He and the Provost attended a Higher Education Leadership Conference Forum that focused on encouraging and enhancing student mobility which is trying to improve the ways and means that we can get students from the U.S. to China and students from China to the U.S.  They also participated in the recruitment exposition in Beijing, where an average of 30, 000 students attended. The Guanxi Normal School partnership is a success and will be visiting our campus in April.

The governor is requesting a 10 percent reduction from the original budget request that has been submitted for 09-11. He discussed recruitment and retention and the need for increase in enrollment for tuition revenue.  More information when it becomes available.


Highlights of recruitment fair in Beijing and future opportunities with the Guanxi Normal School:  The Guanxi Normal School is very interested in a faculty exchange program which would include housing and a stipend.  The Foundation is funding a scholarship for a student to attend the Presidential Inauguration.  The Foundation office will be funding a $1000 scholarship for the campus winner of the Liberal Arts Essay contest. 

Student recruitment and retention forums are scheduled for November 11 and 12.  Provost Markwood encourages faculty, staff, student and community participation.

Due to the uncertainty in the budget faculty hiring is not as aggressive as it was hoped to be. Ad hocs will be scheduled around the instructional budget.


Chair (attachment)

Promotion issues -Chair Sipress encourages senate members to read the summary and share any thoughts/suggestions with him or any executive committee member.  NEW BUSINESS

Secretary  -  No Report

Faculty Representative 

Sloboda - The Faculty Reps will be presenting at the next Board of Regents meeting.    What are the particular issues unique to our campus?  Please send input to Nick by Friday, October 31.  Academic staff representative attending is Donna Dahlvang.

Program Review and Planning Council  - No report

Budget Review Council - No report 

Personnel Council - No report            

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council   Report to Senate

Concentration in Forensic Chemistry

Motion (Simpson/Crow) to approve a Concentration in Forensic Chemistry.  Information regarding the concentration by Waxman.  Discussion.  Motion passes with 1 opposed and 4 abstentions.

Sustainable Management Collaborative Degree through Online Learning.

This is a collaborative degree program sponsored by UW-Extension and involves five UW campuses. The intended market is non traditional place-bound students. The prerequisite is an associate's degree or all other requirements for a Bachelor's Degree.   Students may choose to enroll at any of the 5 campuses.  Questions and discussion.  

There will be a number of campus policies that would be exempt to these students, including residency requirements.   There are administrative and curricular issues to be resolved.

Motion (Cleary/Griffith) to approve planning Sustainable Management Collaborative Degree through Online Learning. Motion passes with 1 opposed and 1 abstention. 

Motion (Cleary/Waxman) This action in no way implies a commitment to approve the major when it is later brought to us; the motion is to ask system for permission to plan for the potential approval of the major. Motion carried.


Graduate Council       No report

Student Senate             No report

Academic Senate         No report



I.    Second Vote on Proposal to Shrink Personnel Council and PRPC

Motion (Griffith/Kronzer) to reduce the Personnel Council and PRPC from six (6) to

five (5).  Discussion.  Motion carried.

A call for nominations (fall sabbatical replacement), Personnel Council will be issued.   Motion (Waxman/Faerber) this will go into effect immediately for PRPC and Fall 2010 for Personnel Council. Motion carried.

Motion (Griffith/Starratt) to allow executive committee to restagger Personnel Council terms.   Motion carried.

II.   Proposal to Merge PRPC and BRC

Motion (Robinson/Waxman) to remove Proposal to Merge PRBC and BRC from the table.  Motion carried.

Motion to merger PRPC and BRC. Motion denied.

Update and discussion.  Motion (Sloboda/Griffith) refer to the BRC the issue of working with the Provost and Chancellor to develop a formal process for incorporating governance into budget development and review. Discussion.   Motion amended to:   Charge the (BRC) council with the task of developing a process to involve faculty in budget development and to work in consultation with administration in doing so. Motion carried.  A call for nominations will be issued for BRC and PRPC.

III. Administrator Evaluation Recommendation  

Motion (Cleary/Griffith) Faculty Senate hereby requests from UW-S Administration up to $3000 to cover costs for the 2008 Administration Evaluation process.  This includes finances for a survey tool subscription fee, as well as clerical work for data entry, generation of reports, and dissemination of the 2008 Administration Evaluation surveys.

 (Note, though it is not a part of the motion:  Faculty Senate secretary expects costs to remain under $1200.)


I.     Five Year Academic Plan

Provost Markwood provided a power point presentation of what the Academic Plan should/will consist of. This Plan will be primarily driven by faculty.  The Five Year Academic Plan is required by System of all universities and to be presented to the Board of Regents in Fall 2009.  A copy of the presentation will be sent to faculty.

II.    Annual Reports from Committees     (attachment)

Sherman: In order to insure effective documentation of committee actions, the Provost will be asking University committees to provide an annual report at the end of each academic year. The reports will be archived on the University web site. Faculty Senate Executive Committee suggests that Faculty Senate consider instituting a similar requirement for Faculty Senate committees.  Motion (Robinson/Griffith) to institute annual reports from Faculty Senate committees.  Discussion.  This will bring into focus what the committees completed each year and will provide a background for upcoming committee members. Amended motion (Simpson/Faerber) to add 'brief report'.

Original motion carried.  Amended motion carried.

III.   Other

No other business.

 Motion to adjourn (Cleary/Lynch).  Meeting adjourned 3:50 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted on this 5thth day of November, 2008 by Linda Sharp, Faculty Senate Clerical Assistant.