Minutes Senate 2008-11-25

Minutes-Faculty Senate

University of Wisconsin-Superior

November 25, 2008

RSC 111, 2:30 p.m.



Meeting called to order by Chair Sipress, 2:30 p.m.


Present:  Cleary, Faerber, Fank, Griffith, Jacobs, Kronzer, Lynch, Marciniec, Markwood, Robinson, Alexson, Sherman, Simpson, Sipress, Starratt, Waxman, Wright, G., Campa, Sharp

Excused:  Christensen, E., Crow, Sloboda

Guest:  Tonya Roth



Motion (Fank/Kronzer) to accept minutes dated October 28, 2008.  No revisions.  Motion carried unanimously.



Motion (Jacobs/Robinson) to receive Executive Minutes dated November 11, 2008.  Motion carried.



At the last Provosts Meeting at UW-Whitewater discussion were begun on four-year degrees being offered at the UW System Colleges.  These would be targeted toward working adults.  This would have a great impact on many of the four-year universities such as UW-Superior.  Many voices were raised in concerned opposition to the idea, including Chris Markwood.


The state budget shortfall is estimated to be 5.4 billion dollars.  That number does include 09/11 agency requests for new funds.  The budget does not include pay increases for any state employee.  There is a 400 million dollar shortfall for the current biennium. 

The outcome for the current and future biennium is uncertain. UW-Superior will be doing strategic budgeting and planning.  This will include cutting and reallocations.  We need to have a very inclusive and transparent process involved.  The Chancellor is calling an all campus meeting on December 10 where he will address and layout some parameters for decision making based on what he knows at that time.  It is necessary to begin thinking strategically, not across the board as far as cutting goes, backing away from the approach that if a position is vacant, we leave it vacant, but rather looking at where the strategic investments we need to make in the institution are.  No decisions have been made.  At this time there are no parameters.

Chair Sipress asked about layoffs and elimination of positions.  At this time there is no indication.   The administration will keep us informed.  

The budget deficit is the operating budget not the capital budget.  There are other funding sources for Swenson Hall.  There is no word on scheduling changes for construction of  the facility.  Nothing is known at this time.



Chair   Report   NSSE What Students Say NSSE Comparison

NSSE Snapshot

 A written report is provided as well as other documents. 

NCA Focus Group Committee update.  A call for volunteers for nominations will be sent out on Wednesday, November 26th. The deadline for nominations will be December 5th.

The results will be acted on in the December full senate meeting.  A strong and diverse group is needed for this important committee.  Chair Sipress is urging people to step up to the call.

Continuous Improvement Planning Team – As part of the ongoing strategic planning process each department/unit of the university will be asked to prepare a department/unit strategic plan. The CIPT is planning the framework, the materials and instructions.  It is Chair Sipress' intent that before those are distributed on campus that we go beyond the committee to get some input and feedback to make sure that the framework makes sense and is workable for individual departments and units.

At this time, Tonya Roth, Director of Admissions was introduced.  She believes that the admissions office and faculty are a partnership.  Faculty plays an important role with prospective students. 

Roth reported that UW-Superior is one of three schools whose applications are up.  Spring numbers are looking good for transfer students.  The UW-Superior advantage is quality education at an affordable price. Articulation agreements with two year colleges are being worked on aggressively.  Program to program articulation agreements are an important route to follow.

She issued an invitation to attend the open house on Tuesday, December 2.


Chair Sipress ended his report with comments on the budget deficit.  "We need to prepare ourselves for some difficult times and decisions that the university may make.  Please keep in mind that we are all colleagues, that we are all in this together and that we have mutual respect for our fellow faculty and employees". He hopes that we maintain our commitment to the mission of the university, to the students that we serve and no matter how difficult it gets, we all pledge that we will maintain our respect to each other during these difficult times.


BRC ballots have been mailed.  Only one candidate was nominated.  Please feel free to write in candidates.  This is an important committee. 


Faculty Representative   Report 11.06.08

Written report only.

 Program Review and Planning Council  No report


Budget Review Council               Inactive

 Personnel Council                       No report


Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council    Minutes   Report to Senate

UAAC Approval Policy 11.08

 One action item only.  Policy on Approval on Undergraduate Academic Matters.

This is a revision to the original document.   Motion (Cleary/Marciniec) to accept the revised Policy on Approval of Undergraduate Academic Matters.  Motion carried.

Graduate Council                           No Report

Student Senate

President Campa reported that the Student Senate is formulating their own plan to help alleviate the budget crisis.            


Academic Senate                          No report




I.  Pay Plan  (attachment)

Motion (Griffith/Simpson) to approve report.

Shaun Lynch, spokesperson, introduced the committee (Sherman, Starratt, Wright, G.) and presented the document.  Lengthy discussion ensued regarding pay structure, rank, merit, special merit and compression.  The recommendation of the committee is to address compression now and address merit at a later time.  


Motion (Lynch/Robinson) to amend the proposal to replace language (at the bottom of page 4) reading "all full professors" with "all faculty at current rank."  Motion carried

Motion (Faerber/Jacobs) to table until December meeting.  Motion carried. Item tabled.

Thank you to the committee members!  



I.    Promotion Issues (attachment) 

Discussion of departmental criteria for personnel actions could be reviewed or selectively reviewed.  Departments are following system rules but the lack of clarity within the department defining, scholarship, teaching, etc. is a major problem.  System does not clearly define the terms.  Discussion of the five issues ensued.    Should all departments be required to review their personnel rules and submit to the personnel council? Discussion continued.


Motion (Robinson/Lynch) each department should review their departmental criteria for promotion for both typical and non-typical cases to ensure that they are sufficiently precise and consistent with UW System rules and submit the results to the Personnel Council by May 2009 for council review.  Motion carried.

Discussion of the structural operations of the promotion committee.   Question, who gives the charge and where are the two charges?  One charge is in the handbook and the other is in the committee charge document that was approved through governance this past summer.  Discussion of the versions of the charge.  Who should look at the charge?

Motion (Griffith/Faerber)  to recommend administration, in consultation with the Executive Committee review the charge, the structure and the procedures of the promotion committee and to bring forward to senate. No further discussion. Motion carried.


II.   Academic Plan (handout)

Review of the Academic Plan presented by Provost Markwood. 

Motion (Kronzer/Robinson) that faculty take the responsibility of composing the Five Year Academic Plan.  No further discussion.  Motion carried.


·        Create an ad hoc committee task force of 5-7 members

·        Assign to the NCA Focus Visit Task Force

·        Refer to the Budget Review Council

Discussion.  Motion (Kronzer/Lynch)  that it be assigned to the NCA Visit Task Force with the charge as made out. No further discussion.  Motion carried.


III.  Constitutional Change (attachment)

A proposed charter amendment was brought forward to the Faculty Senate Constitution that would establish the actual councils.  In discussion with the BRC and PRPC, it was suggested to rename the councils to better align with the tasks of the council.

The PRPC would become the "Academic Program Review Council" and the   BRC would be the "Planning and Budgetary Council".

Motion (Griffith/Wright, G.) to approve constitutional change.  No further discussion. Motion carried.


IV.  Clean up of Council By-Laws (attachment)

Move approval (Cleary/Kronzer) of  by-law changes.  No further discussion. Motion carried.



V.   Federal Aid to State (attachment)  

Presented by Gloria Toivola


Whereas the State of Wisconsin has a projected budget deficit of $4.5 billion dollars forth upcoming 2009-11 biennium, and

Whereas the economy of Wisconsin, along with all other states is experiencing a

downturn resulting in a sharp decline in state revenues from income, sales and corporate taxes, and

Whereas local governments will also increasingly turn to the state for assistance at times like these, and

Whereas the State of Wisconsin has certain expenditures which are uncontrollable such as Medicaid and BadgerCare which are expanding rapidly during this economic crisis and are already overrunning state appropriations for the current year, and

Whereas the demand for many other state services increases during periods of economic crisis, and

Whereas, the State of Wisconsin is constitutionally required to approve a balanced budget which will require the a balancing of state expenditures with expected state revenues, and

Whereas increased taxes and user fees (e.g. UW tuition) do not represent a meaningful option for gaining increased state revenue under current economic conditions, and

Whereas these state and local government services are necessary for the security and the welfare of Wisconsin residents, and

Whereas only the federal government has the authority to engage in deficit spending for the purpose of stimulating the economy and assisting state and local governments in this time of crisis,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Faculty Senate of the University of Wisconsin-Superior strongly urge our representatives in Congress to immediately pass emergency funding for state and local governments.

Motion (Cleary/Marciniec) to accept the resolution, Federal Aid to State. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Motion (Griffith/Waxman) to amend 4.5 billion with 5.4 billion. No further discussion. Motion carried.



V.   AQIP for Accreditation (presentation by Provost Markwood)  NEW BUSINESS DECEMBER

Motion (Cleary/Faerber) to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned, 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted on this 28th day of November, 2008 by Linda Sharp, Faculty Senate Clerical Assistant.